5 Career-Driven Movies To Inspire Any Woman

With feminism exceeding historical standards in recent times, women are encouraged to succeed in their respective careers and pursue other aspirations more than ever before. While some have an established path to such prosperity, others may struggle to find an incentive to attain similar triumphs.
For those looking for crude inspiration, here are some films that will hopefully reinforce the flow of those creative juices.

5. Morning Glory (2010)


Morning Glory¬†starring Rachel McAdams, explores conflict between ambitious news producer Becky (McAdams) and fellow colleagues, otherwise noted news anchors –¬† Mike (Harrison Ford) and Colleen (Diane Keaton). In an effort to reach a similar degree of achievement (compared to her previous job), Becky aims to revitalize ‘Daybreak’ – the show she currently produces since being dismissed from ‘Good Morning New Jersey.’ As Mike fails to be compliant with traditional news standards (celebrity gossip, fashion, etc.), the cast and crew are unable to reach a compromise. In addition, Mike and Colleen seem to lack cooperation as the two frequently bicker. With such prevalent issues, Becky finds it difficult to balance the success of the show, her personal career, and flourishing love life – yet is determined to get a grip.