Jacquemus’ Mysterious Runway Show: L’amour On July 16

Someone holding tiny Jacquemus purse.


It is no doubt that the Jacquemus brand is one of the most romantic and dreamy fashion lines currently, what is even more dreamy is often times the setting of the runways though. Simon Porte Jacquemus, the creator and designer of the Jacquemus brand always chooses locations that represent the clothes but also him. They are often the most stunning places, such as the beautiful purple carpet that glided down a lavender field. His new line entitled L’amour is spring/summer 2021 for both menswear and womenswear.


The new line premiers July 16, 2020 and is going to be presented in a secret location “near Paris, towards the end of the day”. This will be one of the first fashion shows that will happen live since the COVID-19 pandemic took over the world, and they plan to present the show adhering to the COVID-19 guidelines in France. The show has a limited guest list, in order to comply with social distancing and it is being kept private to prevent more people from coming.

Jacquemus’ Calendar

Jacquemus was one of the first fashion lines to switch their calendar, they did this a year ago in order to become more sustainable and have more time for the creative process and to develop the clothing. Jacquemus shows their clothes twice a year, in January and June, and presents both menswear and womenswear together. Simon Porte Jacquemus wrote in his Instagram post advertising the new line, “a year ago we decided to slow down our cycle by showing womenswear and menswear together in january and june.This allows us to reduce the number of shows, mutualize fabrics for menswear and womenswear and slower the pace for my team and partners. More than a creative choice, it’s a sustainable model we believe in and that works for us”.


Based off the title of the new line, we can most likely expect more of the romantic and dreamy clothes that Jacquemus is famous for. Jacquemus himself seems to pour his heart into everything about his fashion line, and it appears that the title of the upcoming Spring/Summer 2021 line will prove the clothing to be close to him in more than one way. Also expected, is the location of the runway to be just as heartfelt and dreamy.

It is safe to say that I, personally, am excited to see this line.

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