DaBaby Girlfriends 2022: Who is DaBaby Dating Now?

DaBaby has had a successful year in 2019 and as 2020 continues, it only projects to better. Legally born Jonathan Kirkland on December 22nd, 1991, he was raised in Charlotte, North Carolina and has been rapping since 2015. His breakout hit, Suge, was released on April 23rd, 2019 which peaked at seventh in the US Billboard Hot 100. His latest album, Blame it on Baby, has already received rave reviews. Although linked to a few women, DaBaby has been always keeping his love life under wraps. So, who is he dating?

B. Simone

One of his most recent songs, Find My Way, which was released on April 1st, 2020 received the most attention since it had sparked rumors that him and rising star B. Simone were involved. Fanning the flames, B. Simone also posted a cryptic Instagram picture of his hands wrapped around her waist which went viral in a matter of minutes. However it was revealed soon enough that they were never together and it was to promote the release of his music video and B. Simone’s release of her first book, Manifest The Life You Want. In his next post, DaBaby even applauded her by captioning the photo, “Marketing Queen”.
Anyone who knows the DaBaby or B. Simone knows about B. Simone’s crush on DaBaby. Posting multiple posts and videos declaring her love for him. She even dressed up as his bride, walking around with a life-sized cutout picture of him on Halloween in 2019. DaBaby, although flattered has in his own way dodged the advances. Early October 2019 B. Simone posted a heartfelt love letter on Instagram publicly to DaBaby in which he responded with emojis.

DaniLeigh & Meme

Another celebrity that DaBaby has been linked to is Prince’s protege, DaniLeigh. The two have worked together on multiple occasions; DaniLeigh helped choreographed DaBaby’s infamous BOP dance for his music video and he in return featured and on her song and music video Levi High. Although DaniLeigh claims to never have dated him on Complex News. She and DaBaby’s daughter’s mother, Meme were seen going back and forth on Twitter in early March 2020. Meme claims DaniLeigh blocked her on Twitter yet is still started rumors about Meme. Whereas DaniLeigh portrays the idea that MeMe is jealous of DaniLeigh and that the DaBaby moved on from her. DaBaby has not any formal comment towards the situation. However, in an interview with Meme, she proclaimed that even when they’re not together, they will always be together.


In fact, DaBaby has yet another child on the way. When news broke got that he had gotten another woman pregnant, fans flocked to social media to question if the rapper had cheated on Meme. DaBaby was quick to clear up the noise and respond by telling fans that at the time this occurred, he and Meme were not in a relationship MadamNoire reports. But he still plans to be a part of the baby’s life and wants no backlash against the unknown expectant mother.
Currently, there is no confirmation on who DaBaby is dating. He is enjoying life, spending a lot of time with his daughter during quarantine, and celebrating the drop of his newest album.

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