Dating on the Internet: What to Do to Avoid Mistakes

When back in 2007, Steve Jobs announced at the presentation of the first iPhone that “everyone will have the Internet in their pockets,” it became clear that all acquaintances in real life were a thing of the past. The era of online dating has come.

What Is It, Dating on the Internet?

Over the past years, we have developed norms of behavior on the Internet, some rules that are followed by those who are looking for Ukraine brides, for instance, on the site. If you follow these rules, the probability of transferring the online acquaintance to real-life increases:

  • The profile photo must be appropriate. Don’t upload photos in full rig. Also, too sexy or too old prom pictures are inappropriate. The worst option is to upload images of some animals and cars. The best option is to choose a portrait photo of good quality, without retouching and dozens of filters. These are the pictures that most often catch the eyes in the list of profiles.
  • You need to be careful when choosing an interlocutor. To begin with, it’s worth learning how to check the photos of the avatar with the help of search engines. If the image is found too often in the search results — most likely it is a fake. 
  • You shouldn’t get upset in case of refusal. There are a lot of users, they all write dozens of messages to each other every day. The choice is sometimes made on completely unexpected parameters, which is very difficult to predict. Therefore, don’t pay attention to the rejections and continue to send messages to those who are interesting to you.
  • To make the search more productive, you should prepare one first phrase that will be sent to everyone. The main thing is that it is not typical. It means, no “hi, how are you?” You need to immediately interest the interlocutors, surprise them.
  • If you exchanged your phone numbers, it doesn’t mean that everything is possible now. It is necessary to respect each other’s personal space, agree on the time of calls, not to write at night, and not to impose.
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  • Nobody likes illiterates. This is not about perfect knowledge of the language. But banal mistakes in the simplest words are unacceptable.
  • The last important rule — serious acquaintance on the web involves at least a week or two of online communication before a real date. You need to be prepared for this and be patient. Don’t disappear for a long time without a good reason, the interlocutor will quickly draw the appropriate conclusions.

How to Protect Yourself When Communicating on the Internet

Not to get into trouble, you should carefully study the page of the interlocutor with whom you have established contact. Overly frank or, on the contrary, concealed photos should repel. Intuitively, a fake page with inappropriate links should also be avoided. The offer to go on a date in half an hour after acquaintance should also alert.


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