Bachelor 2020 Update: Peter and Kelley "So In Love"

Bachelor nation: We have an update.  Peter Weber’s Bachelor season turned ongoing saga might have been the only thing getting us through a “quarantined” Spring, and rest assured the love, drama, and headlines continue. On Tuesday night, Peter and his winner (?) Kelley Flanagan gave their first official interview as a couple for Entertainment Tonight, updating fans on their relationship and giving them a glimmer of hope in the absence of Bachelor in Paradise. Peter shared that they will be moving cross country to New York together later this summer as a new step in their lives and relationship. Famously, the 28-year-old pilot still lived with his parents up until and throughout the show, albeit his travel schedule and quarantine time with Kelley in Chicago. Well, it seems that Kelley’s helping Peter finally move on.

The couple also shared that they are very much in love but are not rushing into any sort of engagement. After Peter’s whirlwind proposal nightmare on the show, who can blame them for taking it slow? As a quick recap, Kelley is technically the third winner of the show after Peter broke his engagement with Hannah Ann after the finale and then briefly dated runner-up Madison for literally two days before Mama Weber got involved. Kelley happened to be at the right place at the right time (a few times) after she kept running into Peter “as friends” randomly at parties and events. Well, quarantine happened and this and that, and boom, they are now seriously in love and moving in together (swoon). Maybe it’s just me and the whole pandemic and all, but I’m so invested in this couple that they better make it through and thrive together in New York because Peter certainly deserves it after the mess of his season.

As for drama from the other contestants, Kelley talked about how Peter remains very honest with her about everything that happened on the show. They often laugh about the situation with no hard feelings. Kelley remains friends with many of the girls and wishes them all the best. Madison and Hannah Ann have also reportedly talked and joked about their shared ex, making TikToks and hanging out together in California, as seen in their recent Instagram posts.

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