Serena Williams Releases New Jewelry Line For A Cause

Tennis star and American sports icon Serena Williams announced a new limited-time jewelry collection on Thursday with 100% of proceeds going to help out small minority-owned businesses impacted by the pandemic. The line, called Unstoppable, is the newest release from her eponymous jewelry collection, which was launched back in 2019 to great success. The do-good line includes a simple necklace and bracelet, both with the word “unstoppable” engraved on a silver ring with a single tiny diamond, evoking a powerful and positive message akin to Serena’s presence as a public sports figure.


Known for her dominance on the tennis court, Williams is also quite the influential fashionista. Her iconic Met Gala appearances have solidified her importance in pop culture along with her high-profile friendship with none other than Megan Markle. Williams and her husband attended Markle’s royal wedding in 2018 with Williams donning a pale pink Versace wrap dress and matching fascinator. She hasn’t been shy about social issues either. Williams frequently hosts charities and uses her brands for good with this new line being just one example. ¬†She also helps design her Serena fashion line which features empowering and chic casual clothing.


The Serena Williams collection has always donated a portion of profits to various charities, and they pride themselves on only using conflict-free and ethically sourced diamonds. The Unstoppable line’s profits will exclusively go to Opportunity Fund’s Small Business Relief Fund with hopes to help revive essential Main Street small businesses that make up the common thread of American societies. Both items are 100$ a pop and can be ordered online from the brand’s website until August 5th.

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