Kanye West Breaks Down At First Presidential Rally

In an inaugural affair as presidential candidate, Kanye West relayed his thoughts on abortion, international trade, religion, alongside other eminent subjects.

While followers believe the campaign to be a promotional stunt, the star’s rally held in Charleston, South Carolina did imply that he was somewhat sincere regarding his run.


When alluding to issues in his personal life, the 43-year-old reportedly wept as he expressed his beliefs to his attendants. Further, he rose the subject of his mother – a woman who abstained abortion despite being deficient of her husband’s support (ultimately “saving” Kanye West’s life). West said, “My dad wanted to abort me. My mom saved my life. There would’ve been no Kanye West because my dad was too busy.”

He also revealed that he and his spouse (Kim Kardashian West), had considered abortion prior to the birth of their first child, North West. In a resurgence of tears, West said “I almost killed my daughter…” There was no doubt the rapper felt great remorse in relation to this past thought and has since identified as ‘pro-life.’

West also mentioned Harriet Tubman – a historical figure known to have helped enslaved black men and women attain freedom preliminary to the civil war. The abolitionist was and continues to remain highly respected as one who fought against the resistance. In a controversial statement however, West relayed his contrasting opinion of the figure – “She never actually freed the slaves, she just had them work for other white people.” Such claims sent the audience into an uproar.

While West missed the initial deadline to qualify for the ballot in a number of states, followers were perplexed as to whether his run was definite. Seeing that it was required of him to retrieve several signatures in order to formally be considered a participant in the race was yet another form of doubt. In an effort to maximize signatures, however, West tweeted out petitions for the public to sign – leading to his first rally.

On July 4th, West formally announced his candidacy (or at least, his intentions to do so).