Ways College Couples Meet Might Surprise You

It’s always surprising to take a closer look at how things begin. There are widespread myths about how young couples meet, and most of them are wrong. Why? Because the media and popular literature loves a good story, a compelling money-making romance that hooks readers and sells subscriptions. In reality, the way young people get together these days is quite similar to what has taken place for generations. So, even in the Internet age, human beings still tend to pair off based on location and common interests, and not much else. As b as that sounds, the theory is pretty solid. All you need to do is check out the top ways that college students become couples and the mystery, if there ever was any, evaporates. Here’s an eye-opening look at modern dating, coupling, pairing, and relationship trends that tells the story more directly. Where do college students meet?

In Class

It sounds boring and non-romantic, but most successful relationships among university students begin in the classroom. Ask couples and you’ll find out that their initial meeting was not at a bar, social club, or in an online dating chatroom but in class.

In Like-Minded Communities

Since the dawn of human existence, couples have gravitated toward each other for common purposes. Sometimes those purposes are more serious than others. For example, long ago, many got married primarily to raise families and continue their farm-based lifestyles. Today, it’s all about affinity groups and common interests. One such group is the cannabis community, a group of young adults who value their ability to use recreational and medical cannabis. Lots of college age couples meet at functions based on this interest. What might have been considered close to science-fiction just a generation ago, marijuana is legal, in some for or other, in nearly 40 U.S. states. For example, you can obtain a medical marijuana card from the comfort of your home in places like New Rochelle, NY, and hundreds of other towns across the nation. Using online companies like NuggMD, it’s possible to apply via a brief form and receive your card in the mail in a matter of days.

At Church

Whether the school is a religious one or not, a significant number of university attendees go to church on Sundays and pair up with future mates there. This is a ritual that has played out in the U.S. and elsewhere for hundreds of years. Many seem to like the idea of acquiring a long-term partner who shares their spiritual beliefs.

On Blind Dates

Another social ritual that is older than many people think it is, is blind dating. When a friend sets you up on a formal date with someone you’ve never met, the results tend to be quite successful or a dismal failure. But just like Medieval-era arranged social pairings, modern blind dates serve the same function, which is they create new couples.

On Coed Sports Teams

Coed sporting clubs are rarely about athletics. They’re usually created to bring together members of the opposite sex. In fact, they’re one of the main place‚Äôs students meet and get to know each other, even when they’re on opposing teams.

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