Levi’s Release Their Most Sustainable New Jeans

Known for their classic denim styles and integrated American spirit, heritage brand Levi’s Jeans released their most sustainable products yet on Tuesday. The brand partnered with Re:newcell, a company focused on creating innovative materials, for the new products. For women, the Wellthread High Loose Jeans are a trendy jean that you can feel good about with a loose, relaxed oversized fit and a classic light grayish-blue wash. Levi’s released a 502 jean in the new material for men, a popular fit in a medium wash color.


Denim fabric continues to be one of the least sustainable natural fabrics used in apparel. Just the sheer amount of energy and water used in the creation process to create denim makes it a less than favorable choice while trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Some pricier brands try to use more eco-friendly materials in their denim, while others such as fast fashion brands use cheap and artificial fillers in their denim, making the jeans hard to biodegrade. Levi’s Jeans hopes to help change this with their new denim material and partnership with Re:newcell.


The new jeans consist of organic cotton (ethically produced with few harmful chemicals) and Circulose, a new innovative material made with recycled jeans and sustainably sourced viscose. Essentially, the jeans are made with about 20% recycled denim while using well sourced natural materials for the other 80%. Levi’s guarantees that the new material and jeans are fully recyclable and reusable, perpetuating a healthy and less wasteful cycle for fashion. With the release and hopeful success of these new products, Re:newcell can expand to other companies and help develop the future of denim.


The jeans are both priced at $148, pricier than comparable Levi’s jeans showing once again how sustainability has a high cost for consumers. The styles can be found online and in Levi’s stores across the country. The brand also recently released a line of backpacks made from recycled water bottles, priced around $40 to go along with the jeans as their latest green fashion initiative.

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