Spotify Launches Video Podcasts

Spotify has decided to launch it’s own video podcasts for its huge worldwide audience. The podcasts will allow Spotify Premium viewers along with free viewers to watch podcasts that people have created. Listeners will be able to listen to the podcasts on the go. You could be multitasking and using other apps, but the podcast will still play in the background, no matter where you are listening.
People who create podcasts have always been used to posting them on websites that involve Apple, Google, or Youtube, due to the fact that those sites support their podcasts. With most of the creators uploading their podcasts to Youtube. With the update of their latest feature, Spotify now has more opportunity for a competition like they desire.
This feature allows for Spotify to make more revenue and for podcast creators to have a new spot to add their content.

Wayfair Conspiracies Overwhelm Human Trafficking Hotline
Wayfair Conspiracies Overwhelm Human Trafficking Hotline
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