Jacquemus Spring/Summer 2021 "L’amour" Review

The fashion show came and went, and after much thought and reviewing of the Jacquemus line, I have come to several conclusions. The aesthetic was not unexpected, of course Jacquemus created a romantic and dreamlike line, but in all honesty, I did not find the women’s apparel to be very unique, the men’s definitely stood out and was truly marvelous. Anyone would be lucky and would look incredible to dawn the apparel, but I feel Jacquemus did not branch out. I understand the important that the aesthetic of the brand remains consistent, but I see very slight differences in the overall designs.


The Clothes

The colors remain more neutral than past designs of Jacquemus, though the colors are usually pretty neutral – this time there was more neutrality which I think displayed the true beauty of the clothes themselves and demonstrated appreciation for the simplistic. I found the mens clothes to be much more exciting and a display of Jacquemus’s creativity. Jacquemus did utilize darker colors in this line across the board, women’s and men’s, which was quite a stark contrast to the light tans and whites that were used as well.


The Models

Jacquemus used a fairly diverse cast of models in terms of race, but also bodies. Many of the models were black and is a nice change from high fashions typical use of all white models – though this has been changing and the fashion industry has been diversifying lately, I think that we still have to recognize that there is a ways to go in terms of diversity in fashion and modeling. Jacquemus also had some models that do not have the “typical model body”. These women have the bodies more realistic to real women, which was nice to see as well. Acknowledging these small steps is a great way to continue to move forward with diversity in the fashion industry, but we also need to acknowledge that there is a ways to go.


The Location

The location of the show was kept a secret until it actually happened, and viewing the location now, I believe it is the perfect backdrop for these clothes. The wheat field is just as neutral as the clothes themselves, but still allows the clothes to stand out. Yet, they blend in at the same time, and do not look out of place. I think that it also fits the aesthetic of Jacquemus overall and holds similarities to last year’s lavender field.


Jacquemus did a wonderful job with this line, and though it could have been more out there, the clothes still remain stunning. It is a debate whether or not it was the right decision to hold this show during COVID-19, especially because no one who attended the show appears to have worn masks while socializing. The show itself holds immense beauty and is a stunning line.


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