The 3 Best Tips For Soft Lips

Lip care is a routine that most people overlook or forget. Watch what you eat and try not to lick your lips so much because they can become irritated. Don’t forget to show your lips some, love too; they would greatly appreciate it.


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Exfoliating your lips a few times within the week will help keep your lips nice and soft. It may also help lighten your lips if they are slightly discolored. You can even do a homemade sugar scrub with a little olive or coconut oil and add lemon juice to it to assist with lightening.


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Dehydration can cause lips to dry, peel, and crack. Try to increase your water intake and eat more fruits.


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  • Use a good lip balm to keep your lips moisturized. You can even use a lip balm then lip gloss on top to make sure your lips are moisturized before adding the shine. You should also try using oils such as vitamin E, olive, coconut oil, etc on your lips at night or Vaseline.
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