Taylor Swift Has Released A Surprise New Album

If you’re a “Swifty” or Taylor Swift fan, these past couple of days have surely been an exciting time for you! Earlier this week, Taylor Swift announced that she was releasing a surprise album. The album entitled “folklore” (yes, all of the titles are completely lower case) debuted at midnight on July 24th, 2020. Swift revealed that her new album is especially meaningful because it was written and recorded during the COVID-19 quarantine. Swift was allegedly unsure about releasing the album, not knowing if it was the right time. However, considering how unpredictable the world is currently, we think she made a great choice in sharing her art with the world! Below, you can discover some of our favorites from the new album and even watch Taylor Swift’s latest music video from the “folklore” album. 

the 1

Taylor’s first hit from her new album is called “the 1.” It’s simple and heartfelt. The lyrics tell the story of a lost romance and reminisce on what could have been. The lyric video below is already trending #4 on Youtube!



The next song that we’re loving from the new album is called “exile” and features Bon Iver, one of Taylor’s music inspirations. The duet has a melody that reminds us of Swift’s days in the country music scene. Plus, like the last video, it is trending on YouTube at #3! She just keeps creating musical masterpieces! 


the last great american dynasty

Taylor’s next hit, “the last great american dynasty” tells the story of a woman named “Rebekah” who is extravagant, reckless and often wrecks havoc. Although the song is melancholy, it has a more upbeat nature than most of the other songs on the album. 



Last but not least is Taylor’s brand new music video entitled “cardigan.” True to the nature of the album’s theme, it is whimsical and full of wonder. Watch the video and join Taylor as she enters a woodland paradise!


So what’s your favorite new song from the album? It’s okay if you can’t choose (neither can we)!