7 Steps To Creating The Perfect DIY Spa Day

Do you need a little “you time” to relax and unwind? Have you been unable to get an appointment for that mani/pedi you’ve been wanting? No worries, because we’ve got just the thing. An at-home spa day! Below, we reveal all of the best products you’ll need to make your DIY spa session easy and rejuvenating. 


To build the atmosphere of a real spa, your at-home spa day should start out with the (safe) lighting of candles. The aroma will help you relax and the candlelight will immerse you in what will feel like a real spa! Plus, this candle from Kohl’s is infused with essential oils and is titled “Relax,” so it HAS to work!


SONOMA Goods for Life® SPA Relax Lavender & Cedar 13-oz. Candle Jar $11.89

Bubble Bath

Starting your spa day with a relaxing bubble bath will call you and soften your skin! Using a bubble bath serum like Philosophy’s Raspberry Sorbet will also leave you smelling and feeling amazing. You deserve it!


raspberry sorbet ultra rich 3-in-1 shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath $20