‘Black Lightning’s’ Nafessa Williams Encourages Hollywood To Challenge Racial Inequality

Nafessa Williams – principal figure to CW’s Black lightning – implores Hollywood to confront the matter of racial inequality in a penned essay for E! News.

With the resurgence of homicide cases, of which black people fall victim, members of society have expressed their loyalties to the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement. In addition to unjust murder, the crusade has revived matters of wrongful imprisonment.

While the asphyxiation of George Floyd wreaked havoc amongst black folk and their allies, the cases of Breonna Taylor, Eric Garner, and Sandra Bland are amongst the few to be brought into the limelight – as a result of the campaign.

In Williams’s essay she alludes to such, “Black Lives Matter. Breonna Taylor’s life mattered. George Floyd’s life mattered. Those were my thoughts as I headed out to protest on a cloudy day in L.A. last month. As I approached the protest, I saw cars on fire, protestors injured from rubber bullets and armed military on every corner.”

When depicting such scenes, Williams claimed that the affair was surreal, almost as if she were on the set of her show – in which she is given heroic abilities. In fact, she explains her thoughts on being a constituent to the hit, “I’m really honored to be on a show with an all-black cast, producers, writers, and crew. However, there aren’t many shows this inclusive. We need more shows with representation both in front of and behind the camera.”


“We have to make sure we hire more Black writers to tell Black stories. We need Black hairstylists who know how to do Black hair properly. And award shows can only be fairly judged if done by a diverse group. We as a people and as a culture are beyond tired of asking to be seen, heard, and treated equally. Not just in the entertainment industry, but in all industries,” she wrote.

To conclude her decree, the actress stressed that diversity should not be exclusive to a ‘trend’, instead it should help contribute to a ‘restructure’ of the Hollywood landscape.

Click here to read William’s complete essay.

Black Lightning season three is currently available on Netflix – the show has also recently been renewed for a fourth season.

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