Lana Candor: Advice, Insight, & More!

Lana Condor burst onto the scene with her portrayal of Lara Jean Covey in To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before (2018) and its sequel To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You (2020). The romantic comedy films have garnered over 80 million views on Netflix and a cult of fan-girls who eagerly await the third film. It’s time to get to know the actress that stole our hearts in the Netflix adaptation of our favorite book series!

It’s been months since Condor has been on the film set — but she has found other ways to busy herself during the pandemic! On July 23, Condor’s ambassadorship with Neutrogena was announced. As the company’s new face, she will be featured in their advertisements and social media posts for skin and hair care products. If I can’t see Lana Condor in film, I’ll be more than happy to see her on my Instagram feed!

View this post on Instagram I am BEYOND thrilled to finally announce I am the newest face and brand ambassador for @neutrogena !!! I am thrilled to partner with Neutrogena 😍😭. I’ve waited so long to tell you all the news and I couldn’t be more excited to finally share. I have been a true fan of the brand for as long as I’ve known about skincare and it’s truly an honor to be able to work with them! Here we go! #NTGSpokesperson A post shared by @ lanacondor on Jul 23, 2020 at 7:39am PDT

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, all the tea about Condor’s life has been spilled; nothing salacious, only amazing information that allows us to understand the young actress a bit better.
Condor is not exactly an early riser: she wakes up around 10 a.m. on an average day. She elaborated on this, saying, “The mornings are so special to me because they set the tone for the day and if it’s not right, I’m feeling out of whack.”
She starts off the day with a French Press coffee and her boyfriend (Anthony De La Torre, an actor/singer) makes her breakfast — cue the swooning!

Condor loves Gigi Hadid’s no-knead focaccia recipe, and can hardly believe “there is such a thing…”
On a more serious note, Condor talked to WSJ about her philanthropy work for the Asia Foundation. She has supported the organization’s girls’ scholarship program for several years now; she has financed education for girls in Can Tho, Vietnam, (where she was adopted as a child) through this program.
Concerning her work, she said, “My scholarship is like my baby. The most important thing I’ve done in my career thus far is to put Vietnamese girls through school and give them education, because [for girls] in Vietnam education is not a right, particularly good education.”
Condor also discussed a piece of advice that has guided her throughout her career:

“My dad always says to me, ‘Greatness is coming.’ That has helped me so much in the way I view potential opportunities becayse it keeps me positive and it keeps me excited for the unknown and what’s to come.”

Yes, Lana! We all could use a bit of that positivity and hope these days. As usual, we will eagerly await Lana Condor’s next awesome performance.