How to Date During COVID-19: Tips & Tricks For The New Normal

The impact of the coronavirus worldwide has changed many aspects of everyday lives for millions. Social distancing and public safety has also changed the way we interact with one another, including the dating. While during quarantines, a spike of new online users for dating apps increased significantly as more people now than ever are lonely during these remote times. Here are a few tips to protect yourself in the new normal dating scene in 2020.

Figure out your intentions 


Everyone is either bored or busy during this time, so it’s best to layout your intentions before diving into the dating pool. Decide whether you just want someone to text for the time being, to actually date, or just to fulfill your own personal needs. Regardless of your choice, its important recognize what you’re looking for and to make sure the person you’re seeing is on the same page too.

Get tested for COVID-19


This should be considered the most obvious tip for dating in general, but more specifically during the pandemic. Even after getting tested be sure to wait for the results and avoid contact with others until so.¬† Also ask the person you’re talking to get tested and be vigilant about personal space until they have done so. This will protect you and many others from spreading the virus.

Have virtual dates


With the use dating apps people are able to video chat using the apps features while protecting your personal phone number. When meeting people online, it’s best to talk or chat over the phone before deciding how you want to go further. Having this call lowers the anxiety level and weeds out the bad ones before you set up an in person date.

Take it slow


Now is a perfect time than any to keep the old-fashioned dating courting alive. Don’t forget to take things steady even though online dating can make things faster than usual. Get to know the person you’re talking to with one-on-one time, ask the personal questions. If you really like them, be sure to hit the deep important topics to see if the same values are shared.

Decide where you want to date


If you and your date finally decide to meet up in person, pick a place both in your liking but be aware of safety precautions. Avoid bars and restaurants with people in close proximity inside, and try to pick outdoor dates to minimize contact. Maybe a park, a picnic, or something to wind down, but don’t forget your mask.

Stay safe and vigilant online


Keep in mind while using these dating apps, that many people are not who they say they are. Even before COVID-19 hit, there is always a chance of a “catfish” or a scam that could potentially harm you. Just your instincts when things don’t seem to add up right, and be careful of what information you share with others.

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