Valentino Fall 2020 Couture: Of Grace And Light In Review

On July 22, 2020 via livestream, the Italian fashion house debuted their Fall 2020 Couture collection in a mini film named Of Grace and Light. Creative director at Valentino, Pierpaolo Piccioli, used every aspect of the lack of an in person runway to his advantage and chose to transport the viewers online to a cinematic fantasy escape. The film showcases the ethereal beauty of the designs, and transfers the viewer to a dream world where one is lost. Showcased on models that appear they are floating, surrounded by pitch black darkness, the clothing follows a strict color palette of white, and only white.

The film is a tribute to Italy and the cinematic masterpieces that have developed over time, a tribute to la dolce vita itself. Valentino of course, is an Italian brand to its core – founded in Italy, by Valentino Garavani (an Italian), and has since been run by Italian creative directors. The nature of the designs themselves is cinematic, and it only makes sense that the fantasy world created in the short film is a tribute to Italian cinema.

The couture designs are artistic masterpieces. They are displayed on models floating in pitch black, but the white stands out and creates a glowing effect. The only other color you will see within the clothing is silver, and usually dawned through sequins. It provides a minimal shine, but these designs almost look like very extravagant and edgy wedding dresses. The sheer size of the dresses fills the black voids, and each of them has a certain texture that makes each one stand out even though they are all the same color. Some of the models are floating in thin air, and others are sitting on metallic swings in the pitch black, one even holds onto a ring similar to those in the circus.

This collection brings to life the artistic wonders of Piccioli and I believe truly demonstrates how fashion is art. Couture has recently been showcased in fantastical ways, and with the COVID-19 pandemic, designers have turned to film in order to display their art. This collection is a true masterpiece. Watch the short film, Of Grace and Light, here.

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