How to Become an Editor if You are a Student

As a student, you are faced with a lot of decisions to make and one of the biggest ones is the career you will pursue. Perhaps, you are starting to recognize your editorial skills and considering a career along those lines.

Getting started on a career as an editor while you are still studying can help a lot financially. Getting through college will be much easier with the money earned as an editor but how can you tap into this career?

Get experience

As a college or university student, you have a unique opportunity of gaining experience as an editor. Most educational institutions have newsletters and yearbooks, volunteering on such extracurricular activities can make your resume look much better. Instead of applying without any hands-on experience, you will have something to show and the prospective employers might offer the job.

If the college or university you are in does not have opportunities like these, consider the local community newspaper. Do not expect to make any real money when doing this but instead gather all the experience you can. That experience will be a valuable currency when applying for a real editorial job.

Pursue a study program in journalism

If you are not studying journalism or related media studies, try to find a suitable program that does not contradict your regular study time. Look into studies such as journalism because having a qualification can help you get the job much faster. Doing this might not be very hard since there are online courses of just about anything nowadays.

Even getting a certificate can make prospective employers see that you are serious and determined to join their team of editors. If you are already studying for a degree in journalism or any related fields, you are on the right path to becoming a credible essay editor of EduBirdie professionals’ level. Yes, the assignment writing service is known for hiring the best editors for managing student essays, thesis, term papers and dissertation work.

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Be authoritative in a particular field

You can get the job of an editor much easier if you are a writer yourself. Consider starting writing pieces of subjects of interest to yourself. For example, if you are pursuing a degree in computer science, write about topics such as program development and so forth.

When writing these pieces, make sure that you indicate great authoritativeness in the chosen field. Employers might consider you for an editorial position of that content category. When applying for an editor job vacancy, highlight that you have been a writer in that particular niche.

Start job hunting

Once you feel you are ready to start searching for a job, do not delay but start applying for available vacancies. There is a variety of job boards you can consider depending on the type of content you would like to edit. If you are comfortable with editing online content, there are job boards like and

Alternatively, you can draw up a shortlist of potential newsletters or blogs you would like to edit for and target them one at a time. Ensure that each cover letter is personalized for every company you apply at. Research their writing style and address them accordingly to prove you are worth it.

Continually progress

Never stop learning and do not slow down by being too comfortable at a job. Instead, try to keep up with industry trends and seek opportunities to further your career. You might be offered a job as a junior editor at first, so try to reach out for a more senior position. It might take time but with consistency and a good work ethic, you will get there.

Sign up for industry newsletters to keep up with the trends and avoid being frozen in time. Remember, the only constant is the change, so you will need to evolve regularly so do not be afraid of adjustments that you need to stay firm in this industry.


Becoming an editor as a student is not a pipe dream but you can achieve it with good preparation and planning. Prepare yourself for the industry by gaining hands-on experience and pursue an online course to gain more insight into this career. Once you have prepared yourself enough, plan on the strategy you will use to get a job. Will you target specific companies? Or will you pursue jobs found at online job boards?

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Vendy Adams works as a corporate trainer with the main focus on student trainees and interns to boost their future growth. She also assists them with college assignments and research work including thesis and dissertations. Other than her job, she works on her self-publishing project, listens to rock music and takes meditation classes.