5 Companies That Reward You For Recycling

Over the past half-decade, the beauty industry has evolved into a more-is-more mentality.  Whether your a beauty junkie or not, your bathroom cabinets might be filled with tons of products you don’t even remember buying.  Shampoos, lotions, haircare, and makeup are all products that need to be recycled, and more often than not these items are not recycled properly. Cosmetic packagings are made of various types of materials which make this process incredibly tricky and most of these items end up contributing significantly to the evergrowing landfills across the nation. Here are 5 cosmetic brands that are working hard to reuse plastic and reduce waste, and also offer their customers some great free incentives.

Credo Beauty


This clean beauty company has one of the best rewards programs! Credo has partnered with TerraCycle, a company that aims to properly recycle beauty products. You can bring up to fifteen emptied beauty products to recycle per store visit, and in exchange, you will get 10 points per item to use on travel and full-size beauty and skincare items that you can redeem free of charge. Credo accepts products from all beauty brands for recycling, however, they do not accept nail polish, hairspray, or empty perfume containers.