Baking, The Biggest New Stress Reliever

Since COVID 19 began and many of us have gone into hiding in our homes during the quarantine, there hasn’t been much to do. I personally spent most of my days writing and watching Netflix. But then one day, I smelled something extremely good. The smell of really fresh bread on a Sunday Afternoon. My neighbors upstairs had gotten into the hobby of baking, specifically bread and all kinds of vegan treats, which included honey taffy, which came in a variety of flavors from killer bee to regular fresh honey, that tasted incredibly sweet. Since then, my mother has decided to also follow the tradition in our Italian family of baking delicious treats. From chocolate chip cookies to an Italian style ice cream that you can make at home, baking and cooking have become her biggest stress reliever.


If baking is something you wanna try and you are interested in making delicious treats, I’d highly recommend looking up some recipes and putting your own twist on them. Because not only are you doing something relaxing, but you get to eat it afterward.

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