Boost Your Body With These 5 Great Vitamins

EveryBODY needs a little help (see what I did there?). Your diet may not be sufficient for all your corporal needs. Vitamins and other supplements are necessary for your body to be as strong as it can be. For those going back to school soon, take extra notes. Between the coronavirus and other (less insidious) illnesses, your body is going into the germ war zone of shared spaces. Prepare yourself with these vitamins!


If you are going to take a vitamin, let it be this one; a multivitamin combines different vitamins, minerals, and supplements typically found in food. If your diet lacks in a particular area, this can make up for it. Select a multivitamin that contains the basics: vitamin A, C, D, E, K, Folic Acid, and B12. I should repeat myself — these are the basics. The more nutrients in the vitamin, the better! Support your immune system, brain, hair, eyes, and cardiovascular system with this end-all-be-all vitamin.

Vitamin D3

Sunlight = D3. However, when Winter comes around, you may find yourself lacking. Unless you are constantly in the sun (which can be detrimental in its own right), you should invest in Vitamin D3. It will boost your immune system and help your body absorb calcium!

Fish Oil

I know this doesn’t sound too appealing, but your body will thank you. Fish Oil contains omega-3 fatty acids that optimize heart and brain functioning. Not to mention that those acids can reduce your risk of a heart attack!

Also — if you have a concussion, this supplement will help your brain heal faster!

Vitamin B-12

I know this vitamin would be encapsulated in a multivitamin, but if you want to increase your energy and mood, consider taking this supplement by itself. If you have digestive problems and anemia or are above 50 years old, you are likely to be deficient in B-12.

Vitamin C

If you eat your fruits and veggies as you should, don’t worry about this supplement! Most people, however, don’t consume the suggested servings of those whole foods. Reach your daily quota of Vitamin C with a supplement!

Vitamin C is a key antioxidant that helps protect your cells from unnatural of society — say tobacco smoke and radiation. This protection helps battle the likelihood of heart disease and cancer, among other maladies.

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