15 Things People Obsessed With Astrology Need Now

Astrology, horoscopes, and zodiac signs are a lot more in-depth than many people think. Most people know their zodiac sign, but don’t do much with it. Then there are the people who know every minute detail about their birth chart down to the position of each of their houses. If you’re either of these people, or if you fall somewhere in the middle, check out these astrology-themed products to make your everyday life a little more star-struck.

1. Birthdate Candle


Along with your zodiac sign, these all-natural candles include a description of your personality, your tarot card reading, and your ruling number and planet. On top of that, each of the 365 candles (one for every day of the year) has a unique scent made for people born on that day.

Get them at birthdatecandles.com for $38 each.

2. Zodiac Socks


Wear these socks, and you’ll have a quick reference to your sign and its best-known personality traits at the tip of your fingers. Each sign has two different color options and they’re available for both men and women.

Get them from HotSox for $14-$16 each.

3. Zodiac Constellation Necklace


For a stylish yet minimalistic way to show off your star sign, try this necklace. Each one is available in dipped 14 karat gold or dipped 24 karat white gold.

Get them from Secret Box New York for $34 each.

4. Zodiac Constellation Jewelry Set


If you’re more into matching jewelry, Secret Box New York also offers their zodiac sign collection in sets. Each set includes a constellation necklace, ring, and stud earring set, all available in either dipped 14 karat gold or dipped 24 karat white gold.

Get the set from Secret Box New York for $80 each.

5. Paper Astrology Journal


For the astrology lover who also loves lists, notes, or journaling, get one of these journals that gives an in-depth look into one of three characterizations for the zodiac signs. Each journal is made out of recycled paper and is perfect for everything from your grocery lists to your daily experiences.

Get them from Anthropologie for $18 each.

6. Customizable Star Map


Got a specific date that holds meaning to you? Commemorate it with this custom map that shows you just what the night sky looked like on that day. Whether it’s your anniversary, your birthday, or anything in between, these maps will forever remind you of its importance.

Get yours from The Night Sky for $50+

7. Watercolor Horoscope Muscle Tank


Looking for a laid-back way to display your horoscope? Try this muscle tank with a relaxing watercolor galaxy design that shows off your constellation. If muscle tanks aren’t your thing, the design is available in a t-shirt too!

Get it from DentzDenim on Etsy for $26.

8. Constellations Pillow Cover


Make your space comfy, cony, and star-speckled. This constellation pillow cover displays the most well-known constellations and their names on the front, while the back gives insight into each constellation and what the name means. Educational and comfortable.

Get it from NewtonAndTheApple on Etsy for $33.35.

9. Star Sign Enamel Pins


Pins that don’t sugarcoat? Sign us up! These star sign pins are cute, colorful, and give an eerily accurate description of every zodiac sign. Stick ’em on your favorite jean jacket, backpack, lanyard, or anywhere you see fit.

Get them from Punkypins on Etsy for $10.21 each.

10. Blame Mercury Tee


For those who dread when Mercury goes into retrograde, share your feelings with this retro-inspired graphic tee. Inspired by old band t-shirts, this shirt is perfect for every out-of-this-world girl.

Get it from SouvenirAndFar on Etsy for $25.

11. Horoscope Moodboard Phone Case


Show off how you’re feeling with this colorful phone case. Featuring vibrant art that describes each zodiac sign to a T, this phone case will turn your phone into your favorite accessory.

Get it from carlycoccaro on RedBubble for $25.25.

12. Zodiac Constellation Wall Hanging


For a simple yet meaningful decoration, get one of these zodiac constellation wall hangings. Available in a dark background option and a pastel background option, these handmade embroidery hoop hangings will add a little sparkle to your room while speaking about your personality.

Get them from

13. Zodiac Sign Blanket


Looking to get comfy? Try this soft yet durable zodiac sign blanket. Made of 100% cotton, it’s perfect for movie nights, cuddling, or even as a wall tapestry.

Get it from FrankiePrintCo on Etsy for $79-$129.

14. Constellation Night Light


Even if you can’t see the constellation that your zodiac matches with, this night light will make it feel like you can. Each one, made from faux parchment paper, displays a constellation design and the dates that fall into that zodiac. Best part, the light can be dimmed or brightened to suit your needs.

Get them from The Apollo Box for $61.80

15. Astrology Pajama Set

If astrology consumes your whole life, dress like it! This 100% cotton crew shirt and short set is great for astrology fans who want to show off their hobby 24/7. Prepare to get cozy, you’ll be dreaming of the stars with this set.

Get it from ASOS for $35.00

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