Choosing MBA Program That Fits Around Your Lifestyle

Going for an MBA is a big decision that must be carefully taken. Since you’ll be paying serious dollars to get it done, applying for the right one is important. Business schools can be super effective in presenting you with too many opportunities; at some point, choosing between all of them becomes overwhelming, which is why you should know exactly what type of MBA your lifestyle can afford. If you’re extremely busy with work, for example, you won’t be able to attend full-time, so choosing a full-time program might actually be in your disadvantage. These are some of the most important criteria to check before picking the best school for you.

The Program

Make sure that the MBA will be an important addition to your lifestyle. Use it as a means to upgrade your career or reach higher goals in life (such as opening your own business). Understand your lifestyle’s needs and deficiencies, as well as its strengths. Use these indicators to figure out what you need and when you need it.

Check with yourself to ensure that this is what you really want to pursue. Then, match your goals with those of the programs to see if it is a really good fit. Always think opportunity cost! What is the opportunity cost of going to grad school and what will you lose if you pick one program over the other? Consider your options carefully.

The Location

Some people are more careful about the institution’s location than others. If, for example, you don’t have a car, then the location automatically becomes way more important than before, since you will be depending on public transport and expensive Ubers. If you choose to move to another city or even country, make sure you research the area well-enough before making a decision. Also, ensure that you have a limit on the time spent on commuting. Is 30 minutes a long time to commute, one-way? How about 45? Think about your daily schedule and how you could fit this commuting time into it.

The Size

What is the right class size for you? When do you learn the quickest? What are the best ways in which you can apprehend the material presented in class? What do you want from your class? Do you want people to be interactive? Do you want fewer group projects? What are your wishes and most importantly, what are you aiming for? The size of the classroom will also play a big role in your decision because your interactions will inherently contribute to your lifestyle.

The Curriculum

The classes that you’ll be taking are going to play a big role in your future career and thus, affect your lifestyle tremendously. If you cannot pay attention to the material presented because it doesn’t interest you as much as you thought, then change your curriculum! Your expectations matter.

In the end, it is you who pays such a high amount of money to get your Master’s degree, so you should be satisfied with the classes you are being presented with. Otherwise, the program might take too much of your time and become overwhelming. If things get too exhausting, this MBA assignment website will offer you help with whatever you need. In the end, you are preparing for a career where delegation is the key, so learning how to delegate while still in school is a must.

Find out what your focus is by researching the companies you’d be interested in working for post-graduation to see their requirements, look to see what the program’s experience is, and be bold enough to explore new opportunities.

The Length of the Program

There are many choices available when you are looking at length and type of program, since most students attending already have a life set up or at least some type of job they must go to. Here are some of the most relevant ones.

  • The 2-year full-time MBA. Ideal for those who need a career change or enhancer. Mostly for those seeking summer internships. Core courses are completed during the first year of study. The goal of this program is to help students pursue their career goals.
  • The 1-year full-time MBA. Ideal for those who want a boost in their careers or higher positions wherever they are working. Internship opportunities are scare. This program is accelerated and usually has very strict pre-requisites.
  • The Part-time MBA. Ideal for those who want to complete their MBA degree without interrupting their career. Usually doesn’t include internships.
  • The Executive MBA. Ideal for those who want to strengthen their general management skills by taking core classes. The EMBA can be earned in two years or less.
  • The Dual MBA. This is a combination of two full-time MBA programs. The most popular fields combine Business with Law, Healthcare, Politics, Engineering, or International Studies.
  • Conclusion

    Choosing an MBA that fits your goals is the most important part of your lifestyle equation. First, make sure you know what those goals are. Second, explore opportunities. Third, choose a program that fits your needs. Good luck!


    Vendy Adams is a researcher, blogger and essay writer at one of the best writing services in the country. He owns three business degrees from prestigious universities. In his free time, Vendy likes to play the piano and listen to folk music.