5 Chic Ways to Wear Jewelry This Summer

With the hot season in full bloom, you’re on the hunt for fab ways to revamp our look – and if the jewelry is your thing, you’re in luck. Next, we’re taking a look at the hottest ways to rock your bling this summer. From unexpected ways to style your pieces to the newest must-haves straight from the runways of the world, here are 5 chic ways to wear jewelry – whether you’re hitting the beach or the farmer’s market.

1. Layered Pearls

Juan Burgos / Unsplash

One of the hottest trends of the equally hot season is no other than pearls. But this year, pearls don’t look anything like the classic gems accompanying rigid pantsuits or formal cocktail frocks. In fact, they are anything but classic. Think off-round shapes, asymmetric gems of the sea, oversize baroque pearls, colored pearls and modern mother of pearl accents – all in trendy designs aimed to bring on all the beachy vibes. The way to rock pearls this summer: for a quintessentially summery / beachy look, opt for a mix and match of different necklaces, including a modern yet chic pearl choker, chain pieces and pearl pendant necklaces, all at different lengths. 

2. Sunglass Chains

Atikh Bana / Unsplash

This summer, there’s an opportunity to wear your sparkle in unconventional, unpredictable ways. This next item made big waves last summer and it seems that it’s back for more. Meet sunglass chains, perfectly complementing your retro cat eye shades or your classic aviators. Oversize, chunky chains are definitely IN – but if you’re inclined towards the minimalistic side, opt for a dainty chain in a classic gold tone finish. 

3. Beach-Inspired Hair

Olmes Sosa / Unsplash

This summer is all about beachy vibes. In your hair, that is. In addition to the massive pearl trend that covers everything from dangly earrings to belts and clutches, we’re seeing more and more beach-inspired elements everywhere (just check these beauties from Laguna Pearl). Think seashells, starfish, coffee bean trivia, oyster drill elements and mother of pearl finishes. The best way to wear them: in your hair, under the form of pins. 

4. Arm Bracelets

@seashellinlove / Unsplash

Talking about unpredictable ways to rock your bling, this next one is joining the craze. Arm bracelets and bangles have been around for a while – and you’ve seen them everywhere if you’re a fan of summer music festivals – but they’ve never been quite as mainstream as they are now. Ditch your wrist bangles for a bit of arm sparkle in a silver or gold finish for a look that’s effortlessly chic and loaded with summer vibes. 

5. Single Earrings

Alan Quirvan / Unsplash

Lost one of your favorite ear bling? No worries, as this summer, the single earring trend is going strong. Last year, it was all about mixing and matching your earrings – one small, one large. But 2020 brings with a slightly more eccentric approach with this solitary earring craze. We’re seeing it everywhere from the runway to Fashion Weeks – and the rule is, the bigger, the better. 

And there you have it: 5 new ways to wear your favorite jewelry pieces this hot season. Whether you’re out or in, there’s no room for boredom in the accessories department in 2020 thanks to these fun and flirty jewelry trends.