10 Essentials For Every College Student’s Wardrobe

When going to college, packing smart is key. Most dorm rooms only have a small set of drawers and a closet for your clothes, meaning you need to know what you bring to school so you don’t have to deal with the dreaded closet overflow. Less is more when it comes to campus living, so if you’ve got too many clothes and don’t know what to, here are ten wardrobe essentials for every college student.

1. A good denim jacket


This one is a classic for any wardrobe. A denim jacket is hardy enough to last a few years and it can jazz up a humdrum outfit instantly. The great thing about denim jackets is that they come in all kinds of styles, from cropped to distressed and in basically every color you can imagine. Find one that you can match to many outfits, and you’ll be set.