Levis X Ganni: A Love Letter By The Customers

With the impending beginning of fashion month, and the various fashion weeks that take place prior, as well as the rise of a sustainability trend in fashion, Ganni decided to collaborate with Levi’s and expand their ideas internationally; and they began with Copenhagen Fashion Week. Last year, Ganni did a similar line on their own in which customers could rent pieces/outfits for up to three weeks at a time. This year, they teamed up with Levi’s to repeat this idea.


The Collection

The collection is entitled Love Letter and is made of upcycled denim from vintage Levi’s 501 jeans. The three pieces are a multi-wash denim peter pan button up (Ganni’s signature style), a classic pair of jeans (multi-wash as well), and a denim t-shirt dress – again, multi-wash. The idea behind the collection is to create a more sustainable and circulating fashion community. The clothes begin at $55/item for a week long rental and can be rented for up to three weeks. All items are shipped in reusable material (that you ship it back in) RePack and then once returned is cleaned and stored for 72 hours before they can be rented out again.


The title of the collection, Love Letter, is to demonstrate the connection one can feel with the previous wearer of the clothes and encourages them to share their story of the clothing with the community. Within the clothing is a patch that each renter can scan with their smartphone and read the journeys of each item of clothing from previous renters. Each story is a love letter to the item. This collaboration was created for storytelling and to demonstrate how fashion can be more sustainable, and still remain new and exciting. Vogue called it “The Sisterhood of the #GanniGirl Traveling Pants”, which in my opinion is an excellent description.

The clothing will be available across Europe and in the United States. As creative director at Ganni Repeat, Ditte Reffstrup, said, “The idea was to create something worn by many, but owned by none.”


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