10 Dorm Room Essentials For Every College Student

Campus living is always an exciting time. For many, it’s the first time they’re living away from home. With that, however, comes the packing lists and the hassle of figuring out what exactly you need to make your college living experience worthwhile. For the student who is lost on what exactly they should bring to school, here are ten items that are definitely worth having.

1. Blueland Cleaning Tablets


If you’re lucky enough to be living in a suite with your own bathroom, that also means you have to take on the responsibility of cleaning it. Instead of spending ungodly amounts of money on cleaning products every so often, shop from Blueland instead. They offer a variety of green cleaning product tablets (including glass and mirror, laundry, and hand soap) for your use. Simply dissolve them in water and they’re ready to use.

2. A dry-erase calendar

A dry-erase calendar will make your life so much easier, guaranteed. You’ll be able to quickly note down events, when assignments are due, and even your class schedule for quick reference. There are plenty of ways to do this, such as getting one for your desk, or hanging it in your dorm room for both you and your roommate to use. Schedule questions will be a thing of the past when everything is right there for you to see.

3. A desk lamp with a USB port

Sometimes, the desk in your dorm room will have an overhead light. However, you might need something that gives off a little less light if you’re up late studying while your roommate is getting their Zs. A desk lamp is perfect for this, and one with a USB port will allow you a little more precious space for charging your many devices. Find one with space for organization as an added bonus.

4. Underbed storage

While this one isn’t super fun to spend money on, you’ll thank yourself later for having it. College dorms are notorious for not having much storage space, so take advantage of the space under your bed and get some underbed storage bins. They can be used to store everything from sheets to towels, to even extra clothes. Having them under your bed will keep them out of your immediate living space without having to sacrifice any storage.

5. 10 ft phone charging wire

Another thing dorm rooms are notorious for? Not having enough outlets, or having them in strange places. If you like to be on your phone while charging, get yourself a 10ft charging cable. They can look ridiculously big, but you’ll be grateful for it when you don’t have to reach to access your phone.

6. Blackout curtains

If you’re a light sleeper who gets woken up easily, or are just someone who likes to sleep in, invest in a pair of blackout curtains. These can be easily installed over your dorm room’s windows in order to actually block out all of that early morning sun that slips through the blinds.

7. Mesh shower caddy

It is imperative to get a mesh shower caddy. Rigid plastic ones are too hard to store due to their shape, and other cloth ones are bound to grow mold and other nasty things that you don’t want rooming with your shampoo. Save yourself the hassle and get one made of mesh, they’re more breathable and easier to store when you don’t need them.

8. A good pair of slippers

You don’t want to be walking around your dorm hall barefooted or in just socks, that’s a little gross. A cute pair of slippers that can hold their own will protect your feet from the floor and also keep your feet warm when the winter rolls around. No one ever said your comfy clothes couldn’t also be cute, after all.

9. A flexible laundry bag

When you get to college, you’re going to find that you need to do laundry way more often than you ever needed to do so at home. A lot of times, those laundry rooms aren’t in the most convenient spaces, so you’re going to want to get yourself a flexible laundry bag that lets you easily carry your loads and loads and loads of laundry up and down from your dorm room.

10. A handheld vacuum

Your dorm room is your living space, so you’re going to end up doing a lot in there. One of those things is eating, which can get messy. To make keeping your dorm room clean a little less of a chore, invest in a handheld vacuum. They’re easier to store (hello under the bed storage) than a full-size vacuum and will make picking up those midnight snack granola bar crumbs less messy overall.