The Pros and Cons of Getting Married in Colleges

Marriage is one of the oldest social institutions known to man. While college is a period in our lives where we make decisions that shape the rest of our lives. For many students, one of these life-altering choices is whether or not to get married. College year prepares you for adulthood and if you decide to take leave the title of a bachelor or spinster, what are the gains and the trade-offs?

It’s a very difficult choice to get married in college. It depends only on you. If you’re still in doubt about getting married in college or not, just read what other people write in free marriage essays at These articles will certainly help you make the right choice.

Marriage essays provide you with helpful information about the institution. You’ll get knowledge of possible challenges, insights into the lives of young couples, goals to strive, economic views, and more from reading a paper about marriages.  As a college student looking to get married, you should understand its implications in your lives. Here are the pros and cons of getting married in college.

Pros Of Getting Married in College

Marriage is beautiful especially when it’s with someone you love. Here’s what you should look forward to as married college students.

There’s No Shortage of Motivation

College life can be challenging and sometimes lead many into spiraling into depression. Having someone who’s always there for you through thick and thin is a perfect package that comes with getting married. Your partner instills a high sense of security and comfort. You stay motivated to achieve success and your lover’s happiness.

Life Becomes More Affordable

A less expensive living is one of the financial benefits of being married in college. You and your partner can combine resources to achieve your goals. Couples get to share finances and time as their goals align to a large degree.

You can share your expenses, which would save funds for investing in your education and other securities. Also, you can take turns performing tasks when convenient. The latter helps both the bride and groom juggle the stress and workload associated with college life better. If you have a demanding task such as a research essay, your partner could help you out with your other projects and vice versa.

You Satisfy the Need for Intimacy

It’s biological to quest for sexual satisfaction and strong bonds with a special person, a feeling that’s intense during your college years. Getting married during this helps you satisfy your need for intimacy and connection. It also limits the chances of contracting STIs as you stay faithful to your partner.

Prepares You For Life

You’ll need to be quite adept at balancing tasks, being resourceful, and adept at making the right calls to achieve success outside college or adulthood. Getting married in university prepares you for this challenge, as it grants you the necessary skills and habits.

You’ll Get Access to More Financial Aids

Couples enjoy more generous financial aids than singles. Debts stemming from student loans is a critical issue that plagues society. These financial constraints can limit your power to invest in the future. College marriages have a silver lining as couples can save up, thanks to having access to more government aids.

Cons Of Getting Married in College

Getting married in college or outside it is one of the best things in life but can come with some compromise. When you become a couple in university, there’s a high chance you’d have to make these trade-offs.

Nights Out with The Squad Trickles Down

Your social life will trickle down as you begin spending less time with your single friends. There will be little to no all-night parties on your schedule as you distance yourselves form potential situations that could lead to unfaithfulness.

You’d Have to Go Easy on the Wedding

Being a student means you have educational bills to meet and are still growing financially in life. The funds available for your wedding will reflect these limited resources and you might have to make some trade-offs on your big day.

Couples who marry later in life often have more time to prepare themselves for the expenses that come with planning this special event. You shouldn’t base your decision on this financial constraint, as your wedding day is all about saying “I do” to the love of your life.

Distractions Come Up

College marriages fall prey to distractions as young couples often let their love take the spotlight in their lives. This intense feeling of affection isn’t wrong, but having it take your attention from other priorities is a problem. If you have kids you might spend less time chasing your education or a career. During periods where you have arguments with your partner, there’s a high chance you’d find it challenging to focus unless you settle your disputes.

What to Consider Before Getting Married

Before going into this commitment you should consider and base your decision from the following.

  •   Your finances.
  •   Your levels of emotional and mental maturity.
  •   Do you see yourself growing with this person?
  •   Are you willing to make big compromises?

Final Thoughts

Communication is critical to a formidable relationship. You and that special one should always talk, check-in, and spend time with each other. You should make a schedule and see it through so you don’t get distracted from your college work. Also, set a date for vacations and quality time as such activities help to keep the flames of passion burning.

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