Backstreet’s Back With A New Radio Show

The Backstreet Boys have just launched their first-ever radio show and fans are excited that they are getting more content from the guys now more than ever.

The award-winning boy band announced the news on August 18th that their new project, “All I Have to Give Radio”, will be an inside scoop on all things “BSB”. The name of the show comes from a song that was released on their first self-titled album.

During the show, all five members of the group will be looking back on their careers, sharing never-before-heard stories, and connecting with their devoted fans.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan, band member Nick Carter said that this is the perfect time to launch their show and talked about what to expect.

“We’ve always had the intention of doing the show and started talking about it more during the South American leg of our DNA world tour. Then the pandemic kicked in”, said Carter. When we got back home, there was no more touring, no more music, and everything had changed, so we felt like it was a good opportunity for us to really engage with our incredible fans all around the world and share our stories since we’ve been together for over 27 years.”

“The first episode is going to be us bantering with each other, while the second episode has more to do with fan interaction. Fans called in and we did questions and answers with them; it was a lot of fun. For the last five shows, each guy is going to have their own episode.”

The first episode of “All I Have to Give Radio” is out now on Apple Music.

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