How To Know If You Are A Bad Friend During Quarantine

It has been five months since the COVID-19 pandemic and it has been tough on many people in different ways. We feel tired of the people we are living with and want to rip their heads off. We are also trying to maintain different friendships while stuck in each other’s homes. Spending time with friends during this time is difficult, but the best way to show you care about your friends is by being socially-distant. Unfortunately, some people are not as considerate as others. Here are different ways to realize that you are not being a good friend during the pandemic.

1. You don’t call anyone

A red phone with a sticky note that says "do not call"


2. You don’t answer when anyone calls

Annoyed Woman Phone


3. You are tired of social media

girl in bed phone


4. You don’t attend virtual workouts

Treadmill workout


5, You avoid virtual playdates

Three children having a play date


6. You reject to pet sit for others

dog selfie girl dogless dog lover problems struggles funny


7. You don’t attend a loved one’s virtual wedding



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