Summer 2020’s Trendiest Fashion

COVID-19 summer is winding down and amidst the lack of places to actually go, fashion has still managed to be an important part of the season. Let’s recap the 5 biggest trends of summer.

1. Tennis Skirts

These took the world by storm. Wether it is pleated, flared, A-Lined, mesh, or a skort – these skirts are mini and adorable. This is definitely the number one trend of the summer, and they are being worn by everyone. The classic white tennis skirt is of course the most popular, but other colors are out there and are also an extremely valuable asset to the summer wardrobe. I doubt these will be out of style anytime soon.

Fila has a white flared tennis skirt here currently on sale for $48!

Urban Outfitters has this pleated tennis styled skirt in red and navy for $59 here!

2. Bucket Hats

Bucket hats have been trending for a little while now, but this summer they really took off. Everyone is wearing bucket hats now, and I really mean EVERYONE.

My personal favorite bucket hat is from Marc Jacobs for a steep $177 and can be found here. But to find a less expensive and still super stylish one, try places such as Urban Outfitters and Nike! Here is one from Nike for $32.

3. Sheer… Everything

This goes right along with exposed/accentuated bras which I personally am loving. My favorite sheer trend is a collared shirt that you can see right through to show off your cute bralette! There is also opportunities for sheer in other places than the shirt – all sheer dressed are very popular amongst celebrities right now, and even little accents here and there on a non-see through outfit is adorable.

Revolve has some really incredible sheer pieces, including this MAJOR on sale dress that is currently $15 – find it here!

4. Scarves as tops

This one definitely paved its way to the top through TikTok, and honestly that’s the reality of the fashion world right now. The most common way for these to be styled is folded in half in a triangle and wrapped around and tied in the back, with a stunning open back. Some people are a little fancier in their folding and tying, and really anyway its done is gorgeous.

If you aren’t crafty enough to do the tying on your own, or you do not own a scarf in this style here is a great top that is the same style by Danielle Bernstein for $49!

5. Masks. Wear one.

And finally, the greatest summer 2020 trend of all – masks. These are not just a trend though, these are an essential part to keeping our country and our world safe and preventing the spread of COVID-19. So please, just wear a mask – you can make them look good! Match them to your outfit, find ones with cute designs, or just have a plain black one because these are really essential right now.

Everyone is selling masks right now but if you are at a loss for fashionable ones here is a pack of 5 adorable face masks by Reformation for $25!

So bottom line is, these are the best fashion trends of the summer, and seriously, wear a mask.