5 Websites For Beautifying Your Desk

If you’re spending a lot of time at your desk, you might be getting bored of how it looks. The solution? Decorations. From office spaces to dorm room desks, it’s high time to decorate. Having desk decor can help with motivation overall, along with adding some beauty into your space. Themed decor and stationery can motivate you to stay organized, therefore increasing your productivity. If you’re looking for a way to spice up your usually boring desk, check out these five websites.

1. Poppin


If minimalism is your style, Poppin is for you. Every piece of their desk organization collection comes in a variety of fun colors that will help keep you uber-organized. Each piece works with at least one other in the collection, making it easy to decorate your space without the frustration of matching pieces together or having too much stuff on your desk. Say hello to your new productivity streak.

2. CGD London


For those who need that extra burst of motivation in their workday, check out CGD London’s stationery. Their planners and diaries featuring motivational sayings like “getting stuff done” and “stress less” as a reminder of what you can accomplish when you put your mind to it. With how pretty these planners are, you’ll be filling these planners with goals and smashing them so fast that you won’t even realize it.

3. See Jane Work


In love with patterns? Then you’ll want to look into See Jane Work. Who is Jane, you might be asking? According to the brand’s founder, Holly Bohn, Jane is the embodiment of everything that working women are and can do. With See Jane Work, there is a pattern for every working woman. From flowers and dots to a more classic blue tile, each collection has a gorgeous set of office supplies that can be mixed and matched for maximum style.

4. Rifle Paper Co.


On top of their Instagram being inspiration goals, Rifle Paper Co. is here to be the whimsy you need in your everyday life. With bold patterns and colors, Rifle Paper Co.’s paper goods will brighten up your workspace in no time. You can even get personalized office stationery to really drive home how professional you are. If you’re really in love with their work, they’ve even expanded into home decor, so your entire space can be beautified.

5. Rad And Hungry


If you’re looking for some locally sourced office supplies, look no further than Rad And Hungry. Fusing founder Hen Chung’s travel addiction with gorgeous office supplies, Rad And Hungry’s subscription kits feature supplies from around the world delivered straight to you. If you’re just looking for a one-off purchase, don’t worry, they have that too. From Mexican paper clips to Hungarian notebooks, each piece is bound to wow you.



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