Top 10 Best Organization Tips To Transform Your Closet

Decluttering your wardrobe at the end of the year is a fantastic idea. This lets you get rid of anything you don’t wear anymore. If you’re not sure how to make the most of your closet, these ten easy tips will give you some helpful ideas.

Storage Boxes

Wardrobe boxes


Storage boxes can really help with organizing your closet. If you’re planning to get a lot of them, consider going for labeled ones, they make it very easy to find the items you need. Such boxes fit quite a lot of clothes, so you can make your wardrobe nice and tidy.

Handbag Organization

Organized colorful vintage handbag collection


If you’re a bag lover, think about designating a specific area for your bags or backpacks. You can stack them on a shelf, hang them on some hooks or even make a display for your most treasured items.

Vanity Table

Interior of modern makeup room


This furniture item not only makes you feel like a princess or celebrity; it actually can be very practical. Some vanity tables have integrated storage so that you can keep anything from your makeup to your jewelry and accessories there.

Shoe Storage

Dreamy feminine wardrobe with white furniture


Any girl who has a large collection of shoes knows how hard it can get to store them. A big shelf is the best option to have all your footwear in one place, so definitely consider it if you have enough space. You can also adjust the shelving based on the height of specific pairs.

Jewelry Organization

Jewelry storage


How frustrating is it when all your jewelry gets tangled up, and you have no time to sort it out? To never face this problem again, get yourself an organizer. It can be a jewelry box or even a specific drawer with different compartments to keep everything in place.

Mirrored Doors

Corridor with wardrobes and mirrors


Mirrors let you make any space visually bigger. Integrating them into the doors of your closet will allow you to fully transform the area without taking up any space. Also, who doesn’t like a nice full-length mirror for taking those outfit picks?

Multilevel Shelving

Woman choosing outfit from large wardrobe


Hanging all of your clothing will take up a lot of room in the wardrobe, no doubt. Here, shelves come to the rescue. You can stack everything neatly on a shelf, and if they go too high, just store the items that are not suitable for the current season there.

Clothing Rack

Wardrobe rack


For those of you who live in a dorm or just have limited space in their room, a clothing rack is an amazing way to organize your clothes and accessories. It’s very handy, as you can hang prepared outfits there, as well as hang something like your bags or scarves on the sides.

Wardrobe Hooks

Clothes and scarves hanging on hooks


Hooks let you store multiple items while saving some precious space. These can be installed on your wall, door or even inside a wardrobe. Outwear, scarves and bags take up limited room when stored in this way.

LED Lights

Wardrobe with lighting


If you really want to build your dream wardrobe, consider installing LED lights all along the shelves and racks. This will make you feel like you have a celebrity closet, but it actually makes finding an item you need easier too.

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