Starbuck’s Launched A Fall Hotline



With fall right around the corner, Starbucks has yet to release its new fall drinks. They have left a lot of customers in the dark with the remaining question being ” When is the pumpkin spice latte coming back?”

While we are waiting to hear when the Starbucks drink will be announced. You can get a taste of all things fall with the Starbuck’s New Pumpkin Spice Latte hotline. This hotline is dedicated to all things fall-related but how do you get access to this hotline?

The company shared this secret hotline to a group of people on Facebook called the Leaf Rakers Society on August 24, as well as posted it to Instagram and Twitter. On Instagram, the caption read “Fall is so close you can hear it 1-833-GET FALL [ US + Canada ]” with over 56k likes you can tell that people ar every excited about this!

To join in on the fun and hear all of the fall sounds all you have to do is dial 1-833-438-3255 on your dial pad to join in. While the hotline is currently working in the US some Canadian users said to be experiencing some trouble connecting. With Starbuck’s fast response they stated that they are in the works of solving the issue and hope to have a solution soon.

Starbucks is back with a new opporutnity to bring the upcoming fall season to you. No matter where you are in a car, at the mall, waiting to take a tropical plane ride, or sitting in your house cozied up by the fire. Starbucks has created a hotline where you can listen to the new fall sounds anywhere!

What happens once you call this hotline? That is a question that many people have asked. Once you call in there will be eight options that you can choose from which give you different virtual scenes and sounds to listen to. Each number will give you a different sound you can listen to such as the crunching of the leaves, going on a hayride, hearing a barista making your favorite drink, and much more. The full option of sounds include:

  1. “Head out on a Hayride”

2. “Practice your pumpkin mantras”

3. ” Cozy up with your cup”

4. ” Hear flannel and repeat”

5. ” Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew Falls”

6. “Endless PSL Perfection”

7. “Lovely-leaf crunching stroll”

8. “Knit sweaters with grandpa”


Once you listen to all those sounds, to return the main menu just dial 9. This is just one convienant way starbucks has brought the fall to you. If you want to have a real taste of fall then you have to check out the Pumpkin Spice Latte and many of the other drinks they offer. In past launches the Pumpkin Spice Latte came back  in August 27, in 2019 and then again in 2018 on Ausgust 28.

With all starbuck’s fans waiting for the upcoming drink launch date  to be announched  many think that it will come out this week due to the previous years.

While Starbuck’s has never disapoints anyone with there drinks, this hotline seems to be a huge hit for all of there followers and many have already said how much they loved it!

Which number will you call and dial in?

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