How to Choose Your First Motorcycle: Tips for Beginners

Every year, the beginning of the motorcycle season motivates people to think about buying the first motorcycle in their lives. It is an excellent idea because the bike gives you complete freedom of movement and has many other very important advantages. However, having no experience in driving a motorbike in the city, the best solution would be reading the following recommendations.

1) Legal Check

Wherever you are going to buy your first bike — at the dealership or from hands — don’t forget to make a complete legal check and learn the background of the vehicle. Such a motorcycle report should contain all the data regarding the identity of the bike, and it’s participation in accidents, previous owners, etc. Your actions will secure you from cheating and ensure that you pay exactly for the motorcycle of the expected quality. Bear in mind that if you choose to buy your first motorcycle from hands, have it checked to your trusted motorcycle services like American Motorcycle Trading Company that have incredibly talented and factory-trained technicians. They will ensure that your first ride would much safer and feels brand new. You can have a distinct look at your motorcycle by looking at its custom designs.

2) Engine Capacity

Many recommend starting with small-capacity vehicles with engines of 125-150 cc. Here the “king of the class” is Yamaha YBR125, while the successful compromise solution is Bajaj Boxer 125x.

The bikes of the kind are ideal for learning. Fuel consumption of 1.5-2 liters per hundred km and a cruising speed of 80-90 km per hour make such motorcycles almost the best transport for the city from a practical point of view. However, there are also disadvantages. In a few weeks or months, when most of the skills have already been mastered, you want more. That is why many small-capacity bikes are sold after the first season of operation.

3) Motorcycle Class

In fact, the classification of motorcycles is very diverse, but they can be conditionally divided into classic, tourist, sports, all-road (enduro), and cruisers (choppers). Of course, there are many more of them, but these can be considered the main ones.

  • Classic bikes are considered the best for beginners. Their advantages are balance, handling, and better adaptation to driving on public roads. Most often, they are bought when motorists cannot immediately decide on the right class of the motorbike.
  • Sportbikes are designed for racing on closed asphalt tracks. They look excellent, but they are not very comfortable to ride. Besides, they require specific management skills.
  • Cruisers are intended mainly to deliver driving pleasure.
  • Enduro bikes have a bit of motocross in their DNA. They are designed for driving on both regular and bad roads. In general, enduro can be called the universal class of motorcycles. But managing them requires some experience.
  • Tourist motorcycles are huge vehicles with large engines. They are designed to travel on good roads between cities. Beginners should not buy them, because these bikes are usually powerful and fast and without relevant skills, high speed becomes dangerous.
  • In Conclusion

    If it is not easy for you to decide on the capacity and class of a motorcycle, start with a classic small-capacity bike. It will allow you to master the necessary driving skills and feel safe on the roads. Good luck!