Marina Joyce Net Worth 2023: How Much is Marina Worth Now?

The internet is no stranger to rising Youtube stars. In fact, becoming a famous Youtuber is quickly gaining popularity as users try to gain subscribers and maintain high traffic with unique how-to videos, vlogs, and the occasional click-bait title. Marina Joyce, a British Youtuber based in North London, is gradually gaining popularity through some unconventional ways. There are a number of strange claims and allegations surrounding her, the most recent being a kidnapping scheme that caught wind on mainstream media.

Marina Joyce net worth as of 2017: $120,000


She first joined Youtube August 2010 and focused on uploading beauty related videos. Her first video, “BATHROOM VLOGGGING?” show her energetically talking to the camera in a hyper and messily planned out video. Her bubbly and bright personality seemed to attract audiences. One of her most popular videos, “SUPER LONG EYELASHES MAKE-UP TUTORIAL,” she is seen showing off her make-up skills (which weren’t received well in the Youtube community at first).


After three years of uploading videos on Youtube, content-creators tend to be very open with their life and experiences with their subscribers. In her emotional video “A Story,” she reveals that she was sexually assaulted by Sam Pepper a year prior. Marina posted the video after another sexual assault incident with Pepper and also revealed that her current relationship with him was strained and difficult.

“Even a year after this experience, I was still the nicest I ever could be to him.” She said politely, but in the video it’s clear that being nice was more for her own sake than for his.


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2016 marked Marina’s most infamous year. In her video “DATE OUTFIT IDEAS,” there were claims of hearing a whispered “help me” during 0:12. Her behavior was also very different from her usual bubbly personality, which let fans to believe she was in trouble. After Marina send out a strange tweet her fans grew even more suspicious. Soon, the hashtag #savemarinajoyce spread on Twitter.

Police were asked to take action and quickly went to her house to check on her status before denouncing any claims of possible kidnapping. Marina quickly tried to clear up the incident, but fans still speculate what exactly happened. After these viral events, her subscriber count rose above 2 million in just a few days and her videos grew in views.


Marina’s strange and bubbly behavior continued even after the kidnapping event. She later made strange Facebook updates on her page and claims that she wanted to be a “God like buddha” and be called “Goddess Marina”. Fans once again questioned her mental state, although with not as much enthusiasm as before. She still releases videos from time to time, with her most recent being “READING MEAN COMMENTS”. Marina addresses negative comments on her videos like her usual optimism and fun jokes.

It’s good to see that despite everything that’s happened in her Youtube career, she’s still the same happy girl that vlogged in a bathroom.