10 Crafts That Will Bring Out Your Inner Child

When most people think of “arts and crafts”, they mostly think of little tchotchkes that kids bring home from art class or summer camp. However, arts and crafts aren’t limited to the young ones. Recently, your favorite crafts from when you were a kid have gotten major upgrades and are perfect for grown-ups. Now, you can make all kinds of crafts that are fun, relieve boredom, and make something that you’re proud of displaying. For everyone with an inner child, here are ten different crafts to indulge yourself in.

1. Gem Painting

Gem Painting


Everyone’s done a color-by-numbers at some point, they’re a big part of childhood. Now, they’re here again and they’ve become the way more glamorous gem painting kits. While there are many specific brands out there, the concept is the same across them all. You dip the special pen (that comes with the kit) into the included wax, pick up one of the resin “gems”, and place it in the corresponding spot. Before long, you’ll have a shimmering mosaic that you’ll want to look at always.
If you’re looking for a gem painting with a touch of custom personalization, try PaintGem. If a full gem painting isn’t your style, try Paint With Diamonds, which has partial canvas options. If you’re less of a rule follower, DiamondDotz sells the gems separately to create your own masterpieces.