Back To School Essentials: 5 Must-Have Things

Heading back to school can always be stressful. There is always a new list of requirements that each teacher will assign to you new textbooks, colorful folders, the best calculators to have, and notebooks to have. While going back to school shopping can be fun, there are always way too many options to choose from.

Especially heading to college the number of items to bring can be extremely overwhelming. A few of the essentials to have are backpacks, agendas, a laptop, a pencil case as well as a calendar for your dorm room!

Being organized is a huge key to having success in school. While college classes can come off as very hectic especially your first semester it will be a breeze if you have your top necessities to help get you through your everyday classes.


A backpack is by far the most important item that you will need. I would recommend using JanSport to purchase a backpack because it comes in a wide variety of colors and designs. These backpacks have different options, such as having a separate zipper for your laptop, side components to add your water, and more. This is a great essential to bring your everyday books to class, and to the library to study.



While some might not love writing information down in an agenda, this will be your most helpful source to stay update to date with assignments and being organized. When it comes to picking out the right agenda make sure to look for the following:

  1. A dated calendar, where it will list the specific day, date, and holidays
  2. Room to write down your information (some agendas have limited space!)



Having a laptop at college is extremely helpful. When taking notes in lecture halls, the fast pace environment won’t allow you to always write down the lectures. Using a laptop will allow you to record the lecture, type your notes faster as well as have access to looking at lectures at any time.

Pencil Case


While a pencil case might not seem as a huge essential for college, it comes extremely handy for tests and studying. Putting highlighters, pencils and pens will come handy when you are taking a test or writing down information on your agenda. This will help you become more organized on a daily basis.



While having an agenda, you might not think that you would need a calendar but having a calendar hanging up in your dorm room, or your room at home will be a great essential to staying organized. While your agenda may list club events, events with friends, time periods you are free, the calendar will help highlight the important information. This can include tests, quizzes, upcoming events, job interviews etc!


School might seem stressful at first but all you have to do is stay calm, and relax to the new atmosphere. With these four essentials, it will allow your transition from high school into college to be a breeze!


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