The 10 Celebrity Inspired Ways To Style Sneakers

Nothing looks or feels better than sliding on a fresh new pair of sneakers. Influencers and celebrities just make the causal style look even cooler, so here are some inspiration posts when putting together your next edgy street style look this winter season.

Bella Hadid

Just like Bella paired, oversized jeans and a large sherpa jacket makes the look chic but really comfy!

Kylie Jenner

A long black coat with leggings gives the look casual elegance, allowing you to wear this out to dinner or just having a chill day with friends!

Kit Clementine Keenan

Puffer coats are a huge deal this winter. Pair a fun colored cropped puffer with some jeans, and your look is instantly fashionable.

Gilda Ambrosio

A bright blazer and baseball hat is a truly simple way to look trendy, when it was actually too easy. Look hot in the cold with this sophisticated edgy style.

Billie Eilish

Did you really think we weren’t going to include the queen of street style? Wearing a monochrome sweatsuit and some layered jewelry gives major “bad guy” vibes and perfect for staying warm, but wanting too look cool.

Kristen Lam

As you know, animal print is a huge deal. A pair of pants with a fun print make the fit fun and distracts from whatever shoes you’re even wearing.

Alyssa Coscarelli

Wear a fun form fitting ankle length skirt that is easily dressed down with a pair of sneakers. Perfect for a casual brunch or just a day out.

Brittany Xavier

Wearing a suit is a bold statement, and pairing with a pair of your favorite sneakers, much like a skirt, dresses it down to a look that screams business casual. Emphasis on business.

Monikh Dale

Wearing an oversized fur trimmed coat makes it the focus of the outfit, taking away from anything else you’re wearing. Might as well throw on a pair of comfy kicks and let the coat do the talking.

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