How to Increase Brain Activity

The brain of every person changes with age, and so does the mental ability. However, there are always ways to boost your brain health and power. With increasing levels of stress in our lifestyle, people have started having problems with brainpower and activities as well. It is a big priority for people to improve memory, functionality, and focus capacity.

Being active has proven to increase benefits by making your mind efficient. While the brain is probably one of the most crucial organs of our body with minimum voluntary control, there are still many ways to help increase its activity if you are open to being dedicated. Here are some ways by which one can increase brain activity and power:

brain acitivity


  1. Exercise

Exercise is probably one of the most flexible activities that one can do to make their lifestyle better. Exercising increases blood flow to the brain that increases the amount of oxygen and nutrients for high-quality performance. “Exercising can energize your mind and prepare you to take on the day with a new zea. Whether you need more focus at work or on finishing your assignments, a 30-minute exercise session can help immensely”, says Christina Hartley, one of our top managers at The research found that people who walked or cycled for 30-60 minutes had improved blood flow to the region of the brain that works on memory retention.

  1. Good Food

Among the many benefits of a good meal, improving brain activity is a major one. Many believe breakfast to be a highly important meal of the day. Eating a well-balanced breakfast can help improve short-term memory and attention. Research shows that people who eat Mediterranean style food that focus on fruits, vegetables, nuts, unsaturated oils, and more are less likely to develop cognitive impairment and increase in cognitive skills.

  1. Sunlight

While sitting in the sun has turned into a big trend to tan a person’s body, it is also scientifically proven to have higher levels of benefits to the brain. Sun is known as the best source of Vitamin D. Vitamin D allows your system to perform better. Sunlight does a wonderful job of making cognitive function better and slows down the aging process. However, exposure to sunlight needs to be balanced so that it does not affect your skin.

  1. Sleep

A secret to keeping your mind happy and productive is to sleep well. While most of us have a very active life and ultimately lack sleep, it is very important to start prioritizing it to prevent cognitive decline. Sleep is generally the best medicine to grow on your memory and learning. Research shows that lack of sleep can affect your gray matter volume in the frontal lobe that is known to control memory and executive brain function.

  1. Mind Games/Tricks
Brain Mind trick


There are many old tricks like crossword puzzles, Tetris, and online games that can help train your mind. While these are old tricks, many newer ones tend to boost the brain’s activity. It is known that the brain is like a muscle, and the more one uses it, the stronger it gets. You can start to learn new things like coloring, drawing, learning music, trying a new language, or playing chess. These activities force your brain at work and hence increases brain power.

  1. Meditation

Psychologists have started prioritizing meditation to be the best way to help with mental health and exercise. Many studies on the practice of meditation show that it does not just improve concentration but also wonders for a person’s memory power. Scientifically speaking, research done at UCLA showed that people who meditate often have larger amounts of folding in the brain’s cortex that helps the brain process information faster.

  1. Relationships

Your relationship with people can affect your brainpower to significant levels. A memory practice known as “transactive” memory can help a person deal with relationship issues. This practice encourages people to be responsible for one particular information. For example, while your partner may be great at remembering a person’s job, you can be the other person who remembers the names of the people. It leads to a healthy partnership between couples.

  1. Stress




Stress is known as the brain’s worst enemy. Long-term stress does not just affect the person’s brain cells but also damages the region of the brain that is linked to making new memories. Managing stress will not just help you feel energized but will show strong support to help your brain remain calm. You can start by setting realistic expectations, stay healthy with a good balance between work and free time, express feelings, and focus on one task at a time.

  1. Health Problems

There is a good chance that if you are having significant problems with brainpower, you might have health issues as well. Many medications can cause memory loss, Dementia, and Alzheimer’s as well. Some other possible health problems are diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, high fatty acids, possible depression, and more. You can start by changing your lifestyle. If the illness is chronic, you can also focus on the other management methods to improve your brain’s power.

Like a muscle, the brain is made up of experiences, memories, habits, and expertise. While many factors can affect a person’s brain capacities, without active changes in lifestyle our brain may start diminishing its activities at a young age. Although giving yourself a makeover can seem challenging, long-term commitment that can boost your capacity to unimaginable levels.

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