The Benefits of Supporting Small Businesses & 5 Cool Online Shops

While spending the past few months in quarantine, I started looking for different places to shop that weren’t a big corporate company. I had stumbled upon a few shops within the past few months that have really caught my eye and now are my favorite shops!


The first company that has caught my eye on Instagram was Olivegreenz. This small business helps create your personal style by being a personal shopper. There are different options that you can choose from such as a name your price bundle, top bundle, comfy bundles and a lot more! This is a great business to help try out new styles you have wanted to try for a cheap price! Plus who doesn’t love shopping sustainably, this shop thrifts which means every piece you get will be second-hand! This company has started only six months and have already gained such a huge following due to their successful bundles.


The second shop that has caught my eye was Mayas.makings on instagram this shop has beautiful tumblers, water bottles, mugs and much more. Each item is handcrafted and can be customized to your liking. Not only are the tumblers and bottles beautiful but they are at an adorable price. This is great gift to give others during the holiday season or even for someones birthday!

Golden Petals Boutique

The next shop which has caught the eye of me and many others is called “Golden Petals Boutique”  This shop uses Etsy to make sales. Golden Petals Boutique makes many different items such as custom resin floral keychains (which is a must have for going back to school!), combs, coasters and much more! The price of each keychain is $10 which is a great price for how beautiful they are! These are great to put on your keychains, or give as a gift to a friend!

ZRA Jewels

My next favorite shop is “Zra Jewels” this store makes beautiful jewelry. The one piece that has caught my eye and I can’t wait to purchase is the butterfly gold name necklace. This necklace is beautiful and allows you to customize it to which butterfly color you would like, as well as your name. It also allows you to add a matching pair of earrings to your order for an additional cost. This is a great item to head back to school with if its high school, college or even a great gift to give someone on there birthday. The necklaces are super unique, at such an affordable price!


The next store that I absolutely love it called Jewelry.By.Lydia.  She sells many different designs such as beaded necklaces in different colors, earrings, scrunchies and even masks. Customs cost $1.00 extra to have her make it exactly how you would like! Her prices are extremely affordable and each piece is adorable to have layered, or to wear individually. This is such a great gift to give someone for a birthday, holiday, or just to keep for ur self! She is now also selling masks which are extremely affordable at only $6 with beautiful tie dye and different designs!

These are a few of my favorite shops that are very unique and have great items for such an affordable price! Supporting a small business not only allows you to have a great deal but it bring joy to the owner to know that they have support from there customers!

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