Trendy TikTok Pore Vacuum: Does It Really Work?

Dermatologists and other skincare experts have found their new niche audience on Tik Tok. Ranging from showing their must-have skincare products to extraction videos people are fascinated with the short clips leaving them wanting more satisfaction of popping pimples and cleaning pores. A new product has sent waves through the skincare lovers which is called a pore vacuum. It is said to extract the oil and dirt from your pores leaving you with a cleaner and clearer face. No more picking and squeezing and say goodbye to your metal blackhead removers because these smaller machines are said to be great for not only cleaning out pores but stimulation deep in the face which is an anti-aging practice.

The Origin

The process of getting pores extracted with these types of machines became popular as a treatment done in skincare businesses. People would schedule their appointment like any other facial or procedure done within these environments and then proceed to professionally get their blackheads removed. This process is particularly helpful for people who have neglected skincare in the past. It allows the professional to remove all dirt and oil and helps the patient start with a somewhat cleaner slate. Then a skincare regime is given to the patient and usually, some follow up appointments. However, now with the rise in popularity of these procedures being filmed and posted on social media, there has been a higher demand for an at-home version so people can reach the same satisfaction for a less expensive price.

Does the Pore Vacuum Really Work?

With much curiosity like the rest of the world, I ordered myself one of these tools in hopes that I would no longer have visible blackheads on my nose a chin. Must to my surprise my order arrived the next day and I was ready to take a crack at my face. I will give one warning, do not spend more than 10 minutes with this at a time. Like many others, I tend to become invested in my skin and when I look at it up close I cannot leave it alone. This will happen if you purchase this tool. I can attest to the fact that it does give bruises if you do not use this correctly. Unless you wanna look like a middle schooler with hickeys in really weird places, I would be careful. As for if it actually removes blackheads the answer is, no. If you are like me and you constantly wash your face and have a full night and morning skincare routine then you won’t see much results while using this. I noticed within the chambers there was some oil removal and only a few blackheads but really not much at all. This seems to be a product for the people who do not do facemasks three times a week. However, if you use this on your boyfriend who never washes his face then the answer could be a yes. I have evidence that it has capabilities of working but that it doesn’t work on me. As for the anti-aging properties I cannot attest to if they work but I can confirm that there was increased circulation.