How To Get Over The Fear Of Asking Out Your Crush

You’ve probably avoided trying some games on SA Gaming for fear of losing. Many people can relate, losing dating opportunities every day because they are too nervous to ask their crush out against the possibility of rejection.

If you’re one of these people, here are some tips for overcoming the fear of asking your crush out.

It’s Normal To Feel Nervous

Being nervous is a familiar and natural feeling for most people, especially if they aren’t sure of the outcome of what they are pursuing. However, it is possible to overcome that trait.

You could be worried about asking your crush on a date because you fear rejection. It would help if you realized that this anxiety adds pressure, and makes you feel disillusioned. Stop ruminating on the negative possibilities that may never happen, and you’ll quickly overcome your nervousness with boosted confidence.

Be As Prepared As Possible

The easiest way to feel confident approaching your crush is to prepare yourself well. If you’re interested in a colleague or a distant acquaintance, gather as much information about them as you can beforehand.

Find out about their hobbies, topics of interest, or preferred pastimes that you can use a launchpad for a date.

It’s best if you find something the two of you have in common. If you’re both into movies, you can use it as an entry line. “Have you seen the new James Bond movie? It has impressive ratings. We should check it out this weekend!”

Improve Your Confidence

It’s always easy for a confident, self-assured person to talk to the girl or guy of their dreams. One of the most effective ways of improving your self-confidence is by using visualization techniques.

Take some time to visualize yourself asking the person out, and make it as detailed as possible. Picture your outfit, the ice breaker you will use, and the body language you want to display.

Make sure you complete the visualization by picturing the person agreeing to the date so that the situation has a positive spin in your memory.

Flattery Can Go A Long Way

Most people love a good compliment (when it’s genuine). Whether you’ve known your crush for decades or not, a date proposal wrapped in charm is always appreciated. It makes your crush feel valued and special in your eyes.

For a genuine compliment, think of a characteristic that attracts you to your crush.

Practice Makes Perfect

The more you ask people out, the more confident you’ll become in your ability to handle the situation well. A practical way to overcome your fear of asking someone out is to experience several public rejections and take it in your stride.

Avoid being creepy, though. Ask them out for coffee. Who knows? You might even meet someone who says yes and becomes a friend.

Never Appear Desperate

The way you look to your crush determines how they respond to your proposal. Never treat the conversation as a matter of life and death—play it cool.

Desperation might appear sinister. It’s also awkward for someone to continue the conversation if you’re pushing for a response. Take it slowly and give the person a chance to think it over.

Dating is complicated, but nothing worth having is ever easy. Conquer your fears of rejection by preparing well, improving your confidence, visualizing success, and staying calm. All people want is a kind soul to love them and appreciate their qualities, so think of it as an opportunity to show them a glimpse of your true self.

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