Top 10 Perfect Songs For A Rainy Day: Music Videos Playlist

Sometimes rainy days aren’t as perfect as they may seem. You don’t always have an abundance of time to watch all those heartwrenching movies or get into the weird dystopian society series. Most of the time your rainy day is full of long hours at the office and headaches at home. Getting in the mood for that rainy day helps make it that much more enjoyable. With this list of songs, you can create a playlist to help you make the best out of your dreary mood. We can promise this playlist will appeal to all tastes.

1. She Burns by Foy Vance

At the top of the list is the most soul-fulfilling song. With the mix of the beat and Foy Vance’s beautiful voice, you are moved into a tragedy¬†of love.

2. The Dark by ZZ Ward

Creating a similar feeling is this amazing song The Dark by ZZ Ward. A moving message and amazing tune to keep you in your mood from the first second.

3. Landslide by Fleetwood Mac

Let’s get into some classics. Stevie Nick’s voice will hit your soul pretty hard in this one. Something just makes you feel like your a little kid in spirits.

4. Sunday Kind Of Love by Etta James

This song makes everything seem so simple and elegant, which is really hard to do when you’re in a 2004 Honda Accord with the ceiling lining falling on your head.

5. Better Than by Lake Street Dive

I first heard this song as music in a TV show and I knew the second it came on I was fascinated with the voice.


6. A Safe Place To Land by Sara Bareilles and John Legend

This duo sings better than angels do. These stunning lyrics go perfectly with its mellow sound.


7. Vice by Miranda Lambert

The crackle of a record is what gets me every time. This beautiful addition is alone the best part of the song.


8. July by Noah Cyrus

No one deserves to hear these vocals, they are too good. But luckily this was released and it is such a fulfilling tune.


9. Honey Heartbreaker by Bluebiird (Emily Osment)

Now this comeback is definitely a favorite. Emily Osment has decided to release music under the name Bluebiird and we are happy she decided to do so.


10. Witchcraft by Frank Sinatra

Now it’s time to finish off this playlist with a more lighthearted tune and nothing does that well like an old school song.


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