“Beyonce Sharma Jayegi” Bollywood Song Is An Absolute Display of Racism in Bollywood

Bollywood is the largest film industry in the world which is based in India. Bollywood movies, through their songs, influence many fans all over the world to adapt certain trends and catchy words in their vocabulary. South Asian people find light-skinned women more desirable as compared to brown or black women and this is why through decades Bollywood has been pushing songs out with racist lyrics – literally screaming in all its songs that a fair-skinned woman is a true standard of beauty. Recently, on September 8th, 2020, Bollywood dropped a new racist song on YouTube but this time they went too far and dragged Queen Bey into this by using her name in the title “Beyonce Sharma Jayegi” from the upcoming movie Khaali Peeli 


Twitter apologizes Beyonce for this disrespectful song

After listening to the song, viewers got enraged and started expressing their disappointment in the YouTube comment section of the song and so far within 24 hours of release, the song has crossed over 6 lakh dislikes on YouTube. The chorus of the song is “Tujhe dekh ke O goriya, Beyonce sharma jayegi” which literally translates to, “Just by looking at you a fair-skinned woman, Beyonce will be embarrassed by herself”. This song is disrespecting everything Beyonce has achieved at such an early age through her hard work and dedication to her career, being a woman of color.

Beyonce’s Indian fans are ashamed and disappointed with this and they are apologizing to her for being dragged into this racist mess.

Just a few months ago, almost every Bollywood actor used hashtags like #BLM during the Black Lives Matter protest to prove that they are woke citizens and do not support racism but now with this tasteless song out it feels like Bollywood is after all a hypocrite as it does not practice what it preaches

Ananya Panday


Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter, the American singer-songwriter is being compared to Ananya Panday a Bollywood actress, who most people claim has no talent and made it into the industry through her father Chunky Panday. She is a struggling new actor so far in the Bollywood industry so comparing her to Queen Bey makes no sense and is disrespectful to her talent. Many memers and famous YouTubers like CarryMinati target Ananya Panday and troll her on social media as according to them she made it in the industry without any struggle because of nepotism in Bollywood.



Beyonce is so far the most nominated woman in the Grammy Award’s history. She became the highest-earning black musician in history. She has earned the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award that is given to only a few artists who’ve impacted the industry profoundly through the power of their songs. Her name is one of the most recognized names in the music industry as she has sold over 100 million records worldwide. She empowers many women around the world, especially women of color who are treated less than, through her empowering song lyrics. Most people think that Beyonce is just an American singer, songwriter but she’s so much more than that!

She is also a talented record producer, dancer, actress, and filmmaker. She paid homage to her black roots during the stunning performance she did at the 2016 Super Bowl. Moreover, she is a vocal celebrity advocate of the Black Lives Matter movement, other than this she is also a vocal advocate for LGBTQIA+ rights against Donald Trump’s presidential administration in 2017.

So you can now imagine what a powerful woman she is, and how it was disrespectful of Bollywood to ignore all of her accomplishments and target her on the basis of her skin tone.

Do you think YouTube should takedown “Beyonce Sharma Jayegi” song or not? It’s 2020 now, this year is all about change so should there be limits set in the music industry regarding hurting the sentiments of people of color through such racist lyrics or not?