Joe Keery Girlfriend 2022: Who is Joe Dating Now?

We all know and love Joe Keery from his role as the lovable character, Steve Harrington from the hit Netflix Original show, “Stranger Things”, but there’s more to Keery then his signature gelled-up hair and unmatched babysitting skills.

Keery grew up with 4 sisters-one older and three younger, in a small scenic town called Newburyport in Essex County, MA. He is the only son of Laura and Thomas R. Keery II. Along with graduating from the DePaul University theater school in 2014, he is a guitarist in the psychedelic rock band, Post Animal. One of his many attributes includes winning a Screen Actors Guild Award for outstanding performance by an ensemble in a drama series in 2018. Now onto the interesting part: Who has Keery dated recently?

During his busy schedule of filming around the world for different movies/shows and touring with his band, Keery makes sure to save time for romance! Let’s take a look at who the lucky lady is.

Maika Monroe


It seems to be that Keery is currently dating Maika Monroe, a fellow actress who is a star in her own right. No one knows for sure how the two connected, however, they both starred alongside each other in the hit movie, ‘After Everything’ in 2018. The pair have been social media official for almost three years now, so it’s not too much of a reach to believe that they met during casting or onset.

Monroe was born in Santa Barbara, CA on May 29, 1993, making her 27 in 2020. She has starred in hit movies such as, ‘It Follows’, ‘Independence Day: Resurgence’, ‘The Fifth Wave’, and ‘The Guest’. She also was the executive producer of the 2018 movie, ‘Tau’.

This adorable couple keeps their relationship relatively private but has been spotted from going on cute dates at cafes to walking red carpets and going to movie premiers. They attended Keery’s Netflix show, ‘Stranger Things’ season two premiere together on October 26, 2017, looking very smitten. They also attended the S/S Saint Laurent Men’s Show in Malibu, CA back in June of 2019, but have been very private (minus the occasional gushy social media posts) since then. Another activity they love to do as a couple is walk Keery’s dog, a black and white spaniel.

When they’re not laying low, hunkered down in their LA homes, you can find the pair speaking up about racial injustices. In June of 2020, they were spotted at a Black Lives Matter protest in LA. Keery, especially, has been extremely vocal about the countrywide issue of racial injustice. For instance, in May of 2020 Keery tweeted, “This doesn’t just go away when the topic isn’t trending.”

The pair has also been hunkering down in their California homes for quarantine and has seemingly kept their spark alive. As far as I can tell, this adorable couple has got having a private relationship away from the public’s eye down pact.

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