5 Ways To Make Your Apartment More Eco Friendly

If we wanna avoid outcomes like in the animated movies Wall-E or The Lorax then we have to understand that what we do in our everyday life can easily be massively damaging to the earth. Making small changes is the best way to make a change, if we all make these small changes then the reaction will be massive. Some of these ways are going to cost some money but in the long run, you end up saving a ton. Trust me if you do the math spending a little extra now will cut down your weekly shopping. The best part about some of these tips is that they can easily be turned into fun do it yourself projects when a rainy day appears.


Easy and Cute Dishes

A jar filled with salsa


This is a super simple way to become more eco friendly. So many people go out and spend tons of money on glasses and cups for their apartment to make it look fun. People even go out of their way to buy packs of mason jars and turn them into cups. Why spend all that money when you can easily remove labels from food jars and reuse them? A great way to get a set of glasses for your apartment is by using small and large salsa or sauce jars. Specifically, salsa jars will give you a variety of sizes while keeping the same look to each glass jar. The smaller ones can be used for cocktails or small glasses and the taller ones can be used for staying hydrated. If you want, keep the lids. They become great on the go containers for food and for drinks. Easily transform them will some food-safe paint.

Spicing Up the Spice Rack

Three jars of baby food.


One may think that you would have to spend a large amount of money to make your spice rack look like it could be straight from HGTV. But it’s actually not that hard, its super eco friendly and a cheap option. If you have a pet buy them small jars of baby food. This is great to feed them as a treat, just make sure its fruits or vegetables that are safe for dogs. Save these jars, clean them, and then remove labels. Add all your spices and make them look super pretty while being able to reuse jars. This can easily start a more eco-friendly process which is refilling your jars. Go to a bulk store and bring your jars. All you need to do is weigh and refill them. Don’t have a pet? No problem, if you know someone who does or has a baby ask for their jars.

Buying Some New Items

A sandwich inside a reusable bag with veggies surrounding it.


A great thing to buy for your apartment is reusable bags. They are easily found in most stores now. Make sure to get dishwasher friendly ones so you can save water and make it easier on yourself. These bags might seem like a little bit of money but think about how many times you will continue to buy plastic bags to store food or snacks in and you just continue to throw them away, that is wasting money. There are even great sets online, just make sure to reuse the packaging they are shipped in!

Vegetables spilling out of a reusable shopping bag.


Another way that is becoming state mandated is bringing your own reusable shopping bags to the grocery store. The look of a canvas bag is super fun and easily found in multi-packs for a lower price. However, the esthetically pleasing option isn’t always the easiest but there’s no need to worry because reusable shopping bags are located in just about every store now!

Array of fruits and nuts within white reusable produce bags.


Along the same lines as the reusable shopping bags, a great addition to your grocery trips is reusable produce bags. Produce bags at the grocery store are extremely wasteful. Most of these plastic bags are thrown out the second you unload your groceries and can actually wilt some of your produce. Packs in many sizes are easily found online and in stores. Stick these in your car with your shopping bags and never leave home without them. Now, remember, these are just a few of the many ways you can become more eco friendly within your living space.

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