Brad Pitt Girlfriend 2022: Who is Brad Dating Now?

Brad Pitts dating history reads like a Rolodex of leading ladies in Hollywood. His dating list is long and impressive. For the most part, Brad has only been tied to A list leading ladies since his time in Hollywood. While whispers have come here and there, confirmation of women outside of their acting circle has been far and few.

Christina Applegate


In the late Eighties, Brad was tied to Christina Applegate for about a year.

Juliette Lewis


In the early 90s, he was tied to the lovely Juliet Lewis, a young romance, and lasted a few years. According to Lewis.

Gweneth Paltrow


He then moved on to Gweneth Paltrow, at one point considered the Hollywood it couple.

Jennifer Aniston


A few years later, he would then move on to one of his more infamous relationships with the lovely Jennifer Aniston. They were Hollywood’s fairytale couple. True love was found. But even fairytales have their ending.

Angelina Jolie


When Brad and Jennifer broke up, it seemed he almost immediately started dating Angelina Jolie; there was a definitive split for public opinion. There was Team Jenn and Team Angie. People saw the talented Jolie as a homewrecker, among other things. It would come out years later that Brad and Jenn’s relationship was already over prior to him starting one with Jolie. He went on to have 6 kids with her, adopting her three nonbiological children and fathering her additional three biologicals. The pair split in 2016 after rumors of alcoholism and possibly abused sparked. Their divorce proceedings have raged in the last four years with no sign of a cease-fire anytime soon. For a while, team Jenn held out hope that the two would get back together, and it seemed like they were heading in that direction according to the rumor mill and the tabloids.

So, when the story of Mr. Pitt’s newest flame broke, implications were immediately made calling his new “girlfriend ” of six months an Angelina Jolie look alike.

Nicole Poturalski

The actor, currently 56, is now connected with the 27-year-old German model Nicole Poturalski. It seems to some that Brad can’t stop repeating history. The public obsession with the talented and beautiful gentlemen quite often goes deeper than the surface, watching his secrets and dirty laundry play in the spotlight. His rather messy divorce from his wife of ten plus years, Angelia Jolie, has been the highlight of talk in regard to Brad, which is why this news of a not so new girlfriend had fans scratching their head.

It seems Mr. Pitt decided to keep this relationship under wraps and enjoy the honeymoon stage of his relationship. Recent headlines had further confused fans when it was discovered that his new girlfriend, a model, was not only married but in an open relationship with said husband.

You’d imagine that team Brad’s and Jennifer fans would be heartbroken now that his new relationship has been confirmed and has been confirmed to have been going on for at least the last six months.  But Team Jennifer fans are not easily dissuaded. Their belief that Brad and Jenn’s love will conquer all is hardcore. And based on, they will always find their way back to each other. it’s romantic but almost too poetic.

While he was with Anniston for four to five years and did marry her, he was with Angelia for 10+, his longest relationship. it seems that his dating life is a fantasy to even the public. For the most -part, his other relationships lasted anywhere from on average from 3- 5 years give or take.

Team Jenn wishes to be holding him back at least in the view of the public. Reports say the two are friends and openly have been quoted and seen supporting each other, buts I think it’s time to let Brad Move on.  The monumental love of his life looking at facts would be Angelia, regardless of how people feel. He left that relationship admittedly battling demons that he has since seemed to overcome. Now, as he picks up the pieces of his life and moves on, his love life must evolve and change.

As fans, we always think we know what’s best for our celebrities, from what they should be to the movie’s roles. But matters of the heart are much hard and therefore need to be protected. His new girlfriend only slightly resembles his soon to be ex-wife of ten years, and that’s only if your grasping at straws. He’s dating her, in my opinion, has nothing to do with the small resemblances.

Despite all of the drama he is currently dealing with from his divorce and the potential dram of his new girlfriend’s husband, this relationship was only recently discovered. It seems Brad’s actions had good reason should the story of his girlfriend’s open marriage by false. Its 2020, so people are redefining the meaning of the relationship.
As long as her husband is okay with it, there honestly isn’t an issue., But if her husband is an unknowing participant in all this, then shame on Brad.

Before the divorce and the most recent turns, personal hope was held out that Brad and Angelina would find their way back, but this divorce is quite messy with the children involved and taking sides. Hopefully, Mr.Pitt finds happiness in his new love’s arms, or at least a quiet solace for the time being.

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