KUWTK Ends, What’s Next for Kardashians?

All good things must come to an end. There’s been so much speculation over the last week that the reality TV royal family has decided to end their 14 years run on reality tv. While the news seemed to be ground shaking, fans reacted in a very respectful and appropriate way. In total understanding. It’s not like we won’t follow the famous family and they’re every important move. But it’s time. They had a great run, but as TMZ reported, they have pivoted to a new and steady stream of followers.

With more followers presence on their respective social media accounts, worrying about ratings and channel wants is no longer an issue. Some of the logical rumors also report that perhaps with all of the negative press Kanye has been bringing to the family, its time to take a step back and really regulate the access we have to their lives.


It only makes sense with children getting older and more easily comprehend what’s being said about their family. TMZ reports that Kris’s rumored demanding 40 million-plus for the next few years per season is not true. While still focused on the family, each family member has drifted in different directions in their lives.

There’s Kim and her pursuit of a law degree, her children, and her multiple other business ventures. Khloe and her clothing brand, as well as her daughter. Kourtney has been one foot in the door and one foot out since having her third child.  Kylie continues to grow her empire while Kendall conquers the runway.


Growing up with the Kardashians and remembering the first season, you can reflect on how far they have come. While they have come along way since then, so has technology and accessibility. We no longer need to wait a week to see what’s new; it’s instantly blasted all over social media and news outlets.

The family is, of course, not popular with everyone. And the consensus among those who dislike them was an utter joy. While all of the reasons currently out there are speculation and not confirmed by anyone in the family via their personal news outlets, and they are a-changing.

Coming to an end on their own terms makes the most sense. For now, we can hold on to what time we have left by getting a seasonal view into their daily lives. After 2021 our glimpse into their lives will be expanded to more spot releases and quite announcements.

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